Introducing Barely A Blog

Barely A Blog


No, I’ve not changed my generally unfavorable assessment of blogging, which I expressed in The Importance of Boundaries. And yes, although certain blogs are thoroughly good, I still hold that, “The upshot of populism in punditry… is that bad commentary is promiscuously outed,” and that, “Few and far between are the commentators and conversationalists who have honed their craft.”
Alas, I know when I’ve been defeated. The word “blog” must appear somewhere on the toolbar if a website’s popularity is to be enhanced, hence “Barely A Blog.”
Barely A Blog began as bookmarks on a page at
I’d like to thank Sean Mercer and Crystal of VDARE.COM for helping transform BAB into a legitimate blog.
Archived Comments going back to 2002 can still be found here on We’ll also do our utmost to bring over the letters written to BAB in its early instantiation. BAB posts are cross posted on Free-Market News Network, for which I am blogger-at-large.