Israel-All-The-Time Crowd Should Lay Off Ann Coulter (Says This Jew)

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How crooked are the so-called anti-establishment Republicans? Twisted enough to attempt to destroy a patriot, Ann Coulter (primarily because she is smarter than they, is my guess, although I usually refrain from psychologizing). I am told that Mark Levin called Ann Coulter a “jackass” and Michael Savage “suggested a career for her writing propaganda for Muslims”—all because Ms. Coulter inartfully, perhaps, remarked on the absurdity of American presidential candidates answering questions about their plans (plots, really) for America by swearing allegiance to … Israel.

Ms. Coulter’s position is mine. Other than to do no harm, the duty of a hired hand of the American people is to AMERICA FIRST.

Ann Coulter forgot to chastise Carly Fiorina, who promised to call Bibi Netanyahu on the first day she’s elected … US president. Ridiculous.

I’ve defended Ann Coulter once before against charges of antisemitism in “Disentangling The Coulter/Deutsch Dust-Up.”