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This excerpt is from my new WND.com column, “Israel: Role Model For America”:

[T]he majority that dare not speak its name is on the wane.

“A couple of election cycles down the road and [Anglo-Americans] will comprise less than half the population. If mass immigration continues at current levels, predicts the U.S. Census Bureau, by 2050, approximately 130 million people will have been added to the United States, mostly from the Third World. Embittered Americans may still cling to guns and God, as their founding fathers did, but they will no longer decide elections.

Ironically, Bill Clinton has spoken glowingly about the prospects of the demise of the very historical majority upon which his wife’s candidacy now depends. Likewise, Barack Obama would hardly be inconsolable. If his immigration policies are any indication, McCain, to whom Bush has passed the baton, has also embraced this end-of-days scenario.

Israel hasn’t. The plucky Jewish state can teach the US a thing or two about cultural and creedal survival. Israel has endured to celebrate its sixtieth birthday in so small part because it has rejected American style immolation by immigration…”

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Update (May 17): To the extent the discrimination accusations come from elements on the American Right, we must take it to mean that this faction denies Israel the selective immigration policy it advocates for the U.S.—one that favors the founding people.

American Jewry is another faction that contradicts itself on Israel. Jews, who generally defend Israel, like to insist that it is a pluralistic, multicultural society. They ought to practice some honesty. If Jews are prepared to acknowledge Israel has a right to retain its Jewish character and choose who will be admitted to the polity, they must concede the same right to the Europeans and to the English-speaking peoples.

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  1. Szasz

    Once populous tires of sand in its “eyes,”
    it “should” consummately resolve to
    remove collective
    the “sand.”

    The U.S. could simply

    Excellent column, Ilana.


  2. Tom

    Perhaps the treasonous Government of the United States would change its self-destructive and suicidal immigration policies if the great majority of the United States citizens changed their religion and converted to Judaism, or something more like Jewish-Unitarian-Christianity.

  3. gunjam

    Ms. Mercer, excellent piece, as usual. Along with Michael Savage (“Borders, Language, Culture”) and Mark Steyn (“It’s the Demography, Stupid!”), you dare to touch on the ominous demographic and cultural issue of what some not unreasonably describe as an ongoing “race war” against whites in this country (actually, “white suicide” might be more accurate). The recent raid against the Yearning for Zion Ranch in El Dorado, Texas, is a case in point. The media spoke tellingly of “pregnant 16-year-olds,” whose children were confiscated by the state. What world do these reporters live in? Here in San Antonio, the public high schools have enough “pregnant sixteen-year-olds” that they have to provide nursery space for their students’ offspring during school hours. The main difference (other than that the children in El Dorado were well-cared for)? The young mothers who lost custody of their children in El Dorado were white, whereas most of the unwed teen moms in urban San Antonio are Hispanic. And most (white) Texans sat by and passively cheered as the State of Texas terrorized those (eeeeevillllll) FLDS folks . . . .

  4. Steven Stipulkoski

    Yes, the US is in danger of being
    politically and culturally swamped.
    Possible solutions:

    1. limit immigration to numbers such that assimilation (at least politically)
    occurs while insignificantly affecting
    the political process


    2. limit citizenship to the 3rd or later generation of new immigrants. BTW, for Bible fans consider this:
    “The third generation of children born to them may enter the assembly of the LORD.” Deut. 23:8

  5. Steven Stipulkoski

    “However, the majority that dare not speak its name is on the wane.” Ilana, you are a poet. Did you know it?

  6. Frank Zavisca


    Control of immigration will not preserve Israel as a Jewish State.

    Israeli Arabs are reproducing at a more rapid rate, and, eventually, will be a majority.

  7. Barbara Grant

    Mr. Zavisca,

    I have no doubt that Israel will continue to retain its character as a Jewish state, no matter the rate at which Israeli Arabs multiply. God, in His Word, has designated this land for Himself, and the Jewish people as His own. Current events cannot change that.

    I’m happy to see that modern-day Israelis do not “worship” their leaders, as many in the U. S. are inclined to do. Happy 60th Birthday, Israel!

  8. Gumdrops

    Every nation should and does have the right to maintain a majority of its choosing. America has chosen open borders and nothing can be done to reverse the inevitable. [Untrue: a few American leaders have “chose” open borders. The American people were never asked, never voted; never had a referendum on it.–IM]

    This didn’t come about overnight, nor did it start with the Immigration Act of 1965. The process has been underway since America’s inception. America was founded for British English citizens ONLY (literally too – African slaves and indigenious Indian slaves were not citizens, nor were Chinese immigrant workers who came later). Then the goal post changed. America became a nation for Western Europeans (Irish, Germans, Italians). Then the goal post changed again. America became a nation for all Europeans including Slavic peoples. In 1965 the goal post changed yet again allowing immigration from non-European countries. Later, one could bypass the immigration process altogether so long as one could prove or proclaim refugee status. [This is a vague, broad-brush, generally erroneous depiction that papers-over and ignores enormous differences between post-1965 tsunami of immigration and the previous, much smaller waves of immigrants, the huge lulls between the pre-1965 arrivals, and the general preference of legislation for nations-of-origin.
    See this and other essays in our Immigration Archive–IM]

    America can survive without a founding majority but it’s unlikely that it will. A new non-Americanized majority will change America permanently. What we’re seeing is the natural death of a nation. All nations and empires have life spans. At 60, America was much like Israel. Give Israel another 100 years and it will be overrun by foreigners. [Israel’s laws make this difficult.—IM] Change is a universal human tradition. [This is just “Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)” mumbo-jumbo. As if human beings can’t command their destiny.—IM]

  9. Roger Chaillet

    “The elites wanted it.”

    I remember these words well. They were spoken to me by a young Czech national who was on assignment in the States with my former employer. They were in response to my comments about visiting Prague before the Wall fell. I had mentioned to him how the state employed tour guide refused to even mention religion, even though I was standing in the shadow of a beautiful Baroque church. The East was still under Communism. His remarks were about the Communists.

    The Western elites want the death of the West. It makes it easier to impose Statist solutions on the historical majorities of the West.

    Who else but the State can impose its will on the tinderbox of ethnic rivalries? Who else but the State can coerce the rapidly declining European majorities to feed, clothe, educate and medicate the masses of impoverished, illiterate, feral and unskilled masses from the Third World? Who else but the State can manage the flow of goods,services and persons around the globalized world?

    Want to see the future?

    Take a look at the ethnic cleansing of blacks in Los Angeles. They are the proverbial canary in the coal mine. All social trends, good and bad, begin in California and move elsewhere. As Ilana pointed out in World Net Daily, all ethnic cleansing is State sanctioned.

    The State could stop the situation in LA in a nanosecond.

    But it won’t.

  10. Max

    Don’t know if anyone else has read Helen Thomas’ (White House Correspondent) hit piece, blasting Israel upon its 60th anniversary.

    This is the kind of “journalism” that has kept the Palestinians from actually
    coming to grips with their condition and being able to cooperate with Israel to bring about a better life for all.
    As for “journalists” of this ilk, they just don’t deserve to live in a free country. I suspect her 3rd party quote of former Prime Minister David Ben- Gurion was taken out of context, this to support her far leftist views.

  11. Gumdrops

    [Untrue: a few American leaders have “chose” open borders. The American people were never asked, never voted; never had a referendum on it.–IM]

    This has been true of immigration policy throughout American history. If it were up to the founding population, America would be nearly a 100% British nation today.

    [enormous differences between post-1965 tsunami of immigration and the previous, much smaller waves of immigrants, the huge lulls between the pre-1965 arrivals, and the general preference of legislation for nations-of-origin–IM]

    I totally get that the numbers in previous waves were much smaller and ethnically and culturally closer to the founding majority. The lulls were implemented to give the new arrivals time to assimilate. However, the goal post has constantly changed, setting in motion a pattern that resulted in the 1965 Immigration Act. [Whose “goalpost” has changed? The people’s or the politician’s? It won’t wash to use imprecise language so as to diffuse what is top-down central planning.—IM]

    [This is just “Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)” mumbo-jumbo. As if human beings can’t command their destiny.—IM]

    Humans can influence their destiny, and I’m not saying they should not fight for it. However, there comes a time when a certain fight cannot be won because you’ve gone past the point of no return. America will become a non-European majority even if immigration was halted completely today. Fifty percent of children under the age of five in America are non-European and they have more children than people of European heritage.

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