Jews To The Ovens!

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A pinko awakens to the reality of importing savagery by mass immigration (via

The text:

“This morning I watched a frightening episode in the public life of America. It was a demonstration by, say, 200 Muslim immigrants in Fort Lauderdale against the Israeli air strikes over Gaza. Now, the first amendment protects such demos, and I would not for a moment want to curb them. But I ask each of you to pay attention to the details of what was being shouted. Especially by the young women screaming, ‘Jews to the ovens.’ No jihad in America, huh? Do we want such immigrants in our country?”

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And this from a 2004 column of mine, “Muslim Immigration Time Bomb Ignored by American Jews”:

“A gathering danger threatens the Jews of America—to whom George Washington promised peace and goodwill in a 1790 address to a synagogue congregation in Newport, Rhode Island.” …

“In Canada, Muslims now greatly outnumber Jews. What remains of a European Jewry devastated by the Holocaust comes under daily assaults and threats, mostly from the 20-million strong Muslim community.”

“American Jewry is next. Second only to another immigrant constituency—Latinos—the relatively new (roughly 30-year-old) Muslim community is the most anti-Semitic community in the U.S.”

“But its exponential growth through immigration has failed to alarm Jewish leaders. Listening to them, you would think that the chief dangers to Jewish continuity are marauding Mormons (their sin is converting dead Jews) or Mel Gibson, whose movie The Passion of the Christ, they predicted, would unleash “pogroms in Pittsburgh.'”

4 thoughts on “Jews To The Ovens!

  1. HannaH

    A good terrorist is a dead one. What will cause the people to wake up to this?

  2. EN

    I haven’t seen the numbers in a while but as of 2005 our president decided to allow 35,000 Iraqi Muslims into the US. At the time the Iraqi Christian population was being forced out of the country by Islamic groups of all stripes. Most Christians went to Syria while we got the Muslims. Andrew McCarthy at NRO has written that we intended to take in another 100,000 Muslims a year, although I don’t know that this happened. However, I think we can safely assume that the Busheviks let in a lot more then that.

    Because of US immigration policy we can easily assume 3 more family members for every 1 immigrant. This would make the real number about 400,000 a year plus. How many Jews in the US? Four million? Less?

    Our president never ceases to amaze. At the heart he’s a fuzzy headed multiculturist with absolutely no regard for the consequences of his actions. I don’t mind him feeling that way but he never asked me about the things he forces on us. And this leads me to “The Jews”, who (for the most part) seem to hold similar views. How have they survived this long? The extremely liberal (and not in the good way) Jewish individuals I meet, including one born and raised in Israel, are all about their own suicide through unchecked immigration and allowing any kind of violent behavior to be ignored.

    It seems that historically this kind of support for “opposition” eventually leads to their own downfall. There’s nothing too surprising in what went on in Lauderdale. In fact it wouldn’t shock me to find out that there were more Jews supporting the Palestinian rally than those supporting the pro-Israel rally.

    In contrast, one would be hard pressed to find a Muslim in this country who doesn’t believe the Jews are the main problem and need to be “driven out”. What that means and where their supposed to be driven to is never made clear, but I’ve heard it often enough, and always by college-educated men. The unreasonable, but never ending, hate delivered by Muslim immigrants toward Jews is astonishing. How does anyone expect this to end well?

  3. Myron Pauli

    Ilana (probably wrong place to post this): I did not earlier mean that the Palestinian people are “good” people opposed to the idiotic self-destructive policies of its leadership. Most people – Americans, Russians, Moslems, Germans, Japanese – are sheeple who generally go along with the leaders/thugs who rule them. What I was trying to say is that whether the Mufti or Arafat or Fatah or Hamas, the Palestinian zeitgeist has been one to prefer self-destruction over compromise. Perhaps to some, that “refusal to compromise (e.g. have peace)” may seem admirable but it has brought misery to the Palestinians – the instant destruction of the greenhouses of Gaza in 2005 is the clearest example of the self-destructive insanity. In fact, more Gazans killed each other during the Fatah-Hamas civil war than have been killed by Israel but, of course, only deaths at the hands of “Zionists” count as outrageous. Anyway, what I meant to say previously is that the misery and isolation (or what you and I would see as misery) of the Gaza strip is largely self-imposed. The video from the Horowitz center was well done, by the way.

  4. Robert

    You are unique among current writers in understanding the real clash of cultures and the inherent contradiction in considering cultural suicide as the only alternative to self defense. And when you think about what a small minority you represent (I include myself in that minority) do we not qualify for some type of “Protection” from a government agency. I am thinking of some National Museum next to the dinosaur exhibits. I love you more with each passing year.Keep up the good work.

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