Marc Lamont Hill Should Go Jump In the River Jordan

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Of course Marc Lamont Hill shouldn’t be fired purely for his opinion, voiced “during a meeting at the United Nations held for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on Wednesday.”

Hill “called for a ‘free Palestine from the river to the sea.'”

Not that stupidity has ever been cause for CNN to fire someone of late. (Chris Cuomo, anyone?) But the guy, Mr. Hill, is really dumb. And/or has an appetite for destruction. Has not Gaza already gone to the dogs? The dogs of war. Indeed it did, back in 2005.

At some point, a utilitarian calculus has to enter into the Palestinian equation. The M.O.P. E (Most Oppressed People Ever) only ever break stuff. (But that, too, is Israel’s fault.)

Most sane Americans look askance at those who suggest that the real estate between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea should be turned over to the Palestinians. ?

Besides, that’ll be The last Stand, like the Hebrews’ stand against the Romans on Masada.

Naturally, having an opinion on a vexing problem is not to be confused with supporting a war in that cause. That’s crazy; even a sleight of hand.

To be charitable, perhaps Hill’s grasp of geography is just really bad. Most Americans didn’t know where “Eyeraq” was when we invaded Iraq, RIP.