Migrant Vetting & American Safety Outsourced To The UN

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In November last year (11.25.15), I pointed out “that [House Speaker Paul] Ryan loves our refugee laws—they are important legislation, he said on that occasion.” I further alerted you to just what this affinity says about Ryan.

For “Like most positive law, US refugee law is written by and for special interests, starting with one of the most corrupt UN agencies, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Besides, who approved these refugee laws? Likely fewer than 535 law makers, legislating on behalf of 323 million people who have to live with the law’s consequences.” (Read “Why Does Paul Ryan Conflate Bill Of Rights With Refugee Bill Of Goods?!”)

A few months after that, the cutting edge Center for Immigration Studies confirms and fleshes out what you could read at BAB months prior (DONATIONS ARE NEEDED AND APPRECIATED SO AS TO KEEP UP THE LEVEL OF INTENSITY AND PREDICTABILITY ON BAB, AS WE HAVE SINCE 2005):

The CIS’s reports is “The UN’s Role in U.S. Refugee Resettlement: A ‘benefit of the doubt’ screening policy” By Nayla Rush January 2016.