Updated: More Pornographic Preaching From The Trinity Cesspit

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Father Michael Pfleger’s mocking, sardonic, poisonous delivery at the pit in which Obama prays stands out for its repulsiveness.

The way Pfleger molds his voice and inflection to sound like a black man; the facial grimacing and exaggerated contempt-filled gestures—as repulsive as this style of preaching is, it is all the more off-putting when aped by a white man. At least he didn’t go completely tribal as did Wright at the pulpit when simulating sex to conjure Bill Clinton.

Afrikaans slang provides an alliterative direct expression stronger and way more sibilant than “Yuk:

“Sis man!”

The jamboree of media attention has not helped to focus matters. Media are satisfied that Obama has distanced himself from Rev. Revilo’s words and that their messiah was away from the pews at the time—this is the “exhaustive” criteria by which Obama’s ties to the Trinity United Church of the Anti-Christ are gauged.

As the nation’s cognoscenti have been parted from their critical faculties, let me ask once again: Is it not clear that this sort of preaching, down to the contempt-filled body language accompanying the damning of enemies, is anchored in a philosophy and a worldview espoused by Trinity?

Is it not plain that Obama can’t just “condemn” this immoral and pornographic preaching, without having to explain why he praises God in a cesspool promoting racism, eternal anti-white grievance, victimism, and hatred?

Obama must be put on the spot not for his presence or absence in the pews during sermons delivered by the pornographic preachers of the Trinity cesspit, but for his adopted philosophy of two decades.

(Please note that “pornographic” here is used in the sense of “lurid,” although undeniably, the preachers of Trinity galvanize their bodies and faces in obscene, improper gestures and grimaces.)

Update (May 31): Barack Obama has resigned from the Anti-Christ Trinity Church. This act of political expediency alters nothing in the case I’ve been making against the man. That’s the essence of a solid case: Temporal tweaking does little to explain loyalties that point toward a consistent, long-held belief system.

7 thoughts on “Updated: More Pornographic Preaching From The Trinity Cesspit

  1. Steve Stip

    I am often struck by the difference between American blacks and European blacks. It seems that blacks of nations that did not go to the trouble of a devastating civil war to free them seem better integrated and less bitter. How counterintuitive!

  2. Max

    The scariest part of all this is that the man could still get elected despite his despicable connections. Some polls show him ahead of John McCain in the general election. [Most polls, I imagine.–IM]

  3. Jamie


    My take on the difference is Europe is not burdened by white guilt for the legacy of slavery and is thus far less willing to tolerate shenanigans. Also, blacks do not possess the critical mass of population in Europe to seriously affect elections, demand special benefits, etc.

  4. Joseph Booth

    This Michael Pfleger character is a prime example of the sanctimony of the religious Left. I just now realized this is the same guy who threatened the life of the owner of a Chicago-area gun shop last year. What a wonderful representative for the Catholic church! […When the various parishes aren’t harboring illegal aliens.–IM]

  5. Barbara Grant

    As an amateur student of rhetoric, one particularly interested in rhetorical styles from the pulpit, I have never—ever—heard of a Catholic priest delivering a message in the way Father Pfleger did. His style was far more reminiscent of a black Protestant pastor than that of any Catholic priest I know of. It seems to me that Father Pfleger’s rhetorical style was contrived to get his message—that Hillary felt entitled to the Democratic nomination because she is white—across to congregants in this particular church, who are mostly black. I wonder whether he regularly speaks to his own congregation (if he has one) in the same manner.

    If so, he is consistent; if not, he is acting. He sounded fake to me. [Oh, I thought that was implicit in what I was saying. A total fake.–IM]

    With regard to American pastoral rhetoric: Ilana, it is not just John Winthrop you might study; it is also Jonathan Edwards, whose sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” delivered in the mid-1700s, is an evangelical classic.

  6. Steve

    I found your remarks on Trinity United Church of Anti-Christ prophetic/prescient. It’s plain for all to see that the Reverend Pfleger and Reverend Wright are nothing more than wolves in sheep clothing. I believe the moniker “communists” serves them well. [Racists even better.–IM]

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