Muslim Fit Over ‘Fitna’

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The excerpt is from my new WND column, “Muslim Fit Over ‘Fitna’“:

“Those who’ve been following the latest installment in the saga know that [Geert] Wilders released a film: ‘Fitna.’ ‘Fitna’ is unremarkable: it’s your basic primer to Islam.

The Koran commands the faithful to kill the kafir. Wilders excerpts these Koranic commandments, and shows Muslim believers articulating and acting on them.

Wilders could have easily been neutralized had Muslims across the West, and their puppy-dog proxies, allowed the screening of “Fitna,” and adopted a Western, live-and-let-live stance toward this tradition of benign protest. …”

Read the complete column, “Muslim Fit Over ‘Fitna.‘”

2 thoughts on “Muslim Fit Over ‘Fitna’

  1. Myron Pauli

    One does not need to approve all utterances by Mr. Wilders to be concerned about the implications for freedom of speech. In fact, Mr. Wilders called for the Koran to be banned – so Wilders himself cannot be characterized as a consistent free speech enthusiast. Nevertheless, if speech is only allowed on the basis of universal approval (that no one will be “offended” by the speech) – it is a travesty. I have not read whether he is entitled to a jury trial (or do a bunch of judges just make a pronouncement?) because 47% of Dutch public opinion is on his side which would make a unanimous jury verdict very difficult to get. American Universities, of course, also have their speech codes and Obama comes from an environment which endorses intolerance in the name of tolerance.

  2. Szasz

    …When are these people going to learn?

    …it isn’t that “subtle”…it is only power and who has it.

    I believe Israel has been “more than tolerant.”

    If these “folks” are still trying to “remove Israel” from the map…

    Then, only THEY should have to “pay the price…”


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