UPDATED (9/24): NEW COLUMN: Biden Gets Demonic With MAGA America, GOP Is MIA



NEW COLUMN is Biden Gets Demonic With MAGA America, GOP Is MIA. It is currently on WND.COM and The Unz Review, scheduled Friday on The New American.

UPDATE (9/24): Read it on IlanaMercer.com


Against a sinister, hellfire-and-brimstone background, outside Independence Hall, Philadelphia, flagged by Damien’s own foot soldiers—President Joe Biden convened to convulse against MAGA America in the tradition of Linda Blair of “The Exorcist” fame.

An inartful mouthful, perhaps, but so was Biden’s address.

… The only fitting verbal response to such unmitigated hate speech are the fighting words of Andrew Breitbart:

Fuck you, war.”

Were I a politician serving my MAGA constituents, I’d right away launch a complaint with the civil rights division of the Department of Justice. My brief would accuse Biden, a man with considerable sway, of inciting hatred against millions of his countrymen. …

… the GOP [however] is [r]unning on safe economic issues, looking-away from matters of life-and-death.

These are:

* Black-on-white hate crimes sanctioned.

* Institutionalized antiwhite indoctrination.

* Learned helplessness inculcated in whites through hostile institutions, abetted by parents, pedagogues and politicians. (Ongoing, see “Sacrificing Kids To PC Pietism” written in 2011.)

* Violating the law of the land by inverting morality—rewarding evil, punishing good—in violation also of natural and constitutional rights.

* Continued Covid tyranny as a means of ferreting out and isolating the populist Right.

* The systemic silencing, deplatforming and depersoning of MAGA America, via loss of work, speech rights, and banking privileges, courtesy of  Deep Tech, in collusion with the state.

* No right or democratic opportunity to defend against these depredations.

On these defining issues the GOP is relatively silent.

The coup de grâce: Swamping the host population with a sea of migrants to better perpetuate and entrench the treason listed above. …

… FIND THE NEW COLUMN, “Biden Gets Demonic With MAGA America, GOP Is MIA,” on WND.COM and The Unz Review, scheduled Friday on The New American.


One thought on “UPDATED (9/24): NEW COLUMN: Biden Gets Demonic With MAGA America, GOP Is MIA

  1. Not Convinced

    That which is obvious is seldom given notice much less critical thought. Republicans, whatever that means, are in a constant process of shape shifting. I would like to say similar to the predator alien in the movie “Predator”. But absent a new civil war to free the slaves there is no consistent entity that is continuously observable. The alien in the movie had a consistent persona, set of behaviors and clear goal. The progressives are the alien: consistent, clear goals and occasionally reveal themselves when their cloaking device malfunctions. We see through the Republicans to the Progressives. So why do we continue to ask: where are the Republicans? They are right in front of us, transparent see through, shape shifting thing without solid definition that separates them in time and space from the Progressives.

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