Updated: Not Quite Muslim; Not Quite Christian

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“When Barack Obama looked Americans in the metaphoric eye and told them he was not and was never a Muslim, he had, admittedly, been worshipping at the Trinity United Church of Christ for twenty odd years. So we know for certain that he is not a Christian.

Obama’s voodoo theology aside, do we know with the same certainty that he was never Muslim?

In my new column I conclude that “Hussein’s a hip hybrid: not quite Muslim; not quite Christian. And, if elected, he’ll be the first post-American president in a post-Christian America.”

Read the complete column, “Not Quite Muslim; Not Quite Christian,” on WorldNetDaily.com.

Update: Hereunder in the Comments Section, anon makes an important observation about Indonesia, “the world’s largest Islamic nation.” As far as I know, nobody in US media, myself included, has made this point.

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  1. prjctmgr

    He must have learned at least the Arabic confession all Mohammedans learn having gone for several years to school in Indonesia, registered as a Muslim.
    He must also speak fairly decent Indonesian (Malay), even though he denies knowing any other language.
    His birth certificate from Hawai’i is non-existent, how can he even be running for president when he has failed to prove he is an American-born citizen?

  2. Sean

    We are all atheists about most of the gods that societies have ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.

  3. John Danforth

    Obama’s irreligion does not come from reason; it comes from treating philosophy like a smorgasbord, and it appears that he has chosen to consume the most poisonous premises of the philosophies he has been exposed to, conglomerating a malleable bastard variant of his own, which makes him some kind of Messiah. Inscrutability gives him mystique, contradictions make him open-minded, and mouthing socialist platitudes makes him brilliant. The power structure in Washington will positively love him.

  4. Tom

    The liberal news media would like everyone to believe that it is a post-Christian America, or a post-Christian world, but that is only their liberal wishful thinking; only Europe might be approaching a post-Christian society, while Christianity prospers in America and much of Africa. I think it would be very useful to greatly expand upon the connection between Obama and the views portrayed in Fareed Zakaria’s book, presumably as good insight into Obama’s liberal New World Order true colors of treason.

  5. E. David Litvak

    It is within Senator Obama’s purview to lay that issue to rest once and for all by producing his baptismal certificate.

  6. noobama

    I was in the store and saw a front page photo of Obama on Newsweek. It was a cover story about Obama’s Faith. It was next to a copy of People magazine with Obama’s Family on the front. Which was next to another magazine with some more pictures of Obama on them peddling antacids, or perhaps it was discount beef jerky made with real horse meat. Anyway, I don’t recall because it is all blending together.

    I didn’t read the article as I believe these news magazines are just glossy versions of The National Enquirer (actually the National Enquirer is likely more honest). However, I did notice it had Obama in a deep and meaningful pose. His head was down and hands together near his face. His eyes were closed in deep contemplation of the universe.

    Yet the entire thing absolutely had to have been posed. The lighting was perfect, the camera was so close you could probably see the pores on his face. His clothing was crisp and perfectly hued. In a nutshell, it was total and complete propaganda coming off as a “news” piece. Do people really believe this stuff?

    In the same vein, I wonder how much time his campaign staff took crafting the wording on his prayer he left in Israel? They surely knew it would be taken and put on the International news circuit so it had to be something humble which is hard for Obama to be. I’ll give it to the news media, they sure do know how to build up an image. I just can’t believe these journalists are this gullible.

  7. Steve Brazil

    Let’s see, Obama’s mother is an off-the-deep-end leftie with a distain for men of European descent, his mentor during his teenage years was a menber of the American Communist Party, I think his last name was Davis. He goes to Harvard which is infested with anti-American marxist types. When he graduates, instead of joining a law firm, he does a little teaching at Harvard Law School then goes to work in Commumity Organizations that were designed by Saul Alinsky.

    I don’t think he sees Islam or Christianity as anything but a tool to gain power. If anything, his religion is Marxism.

  8. Myron Pauli

    While I can’t say I am overly concerned with Obama’s religious dabbling or non-dabbling, there is something of concern to his possible view of America. Jimmy Carter seemed to be in a constant mode of apologizing for America and not fully aware of what “side” he should be on. Obama might well consider America’s OWN needs to be a small parochial subset of that of the “Entire World” which he, Citizen-Messiah Barack Hussein, is responsible for. Of course, this is not unique to political wannabees – some of whom view that the needs of Israel, Iraq, Darfur, Burma, etc. are far more important than mere
    “domestic” considerations as to whether XXX is good “for America”. Sadly, this Globaloney is what happens when the “Commander-in-Chief” anoints himself the sole authority in foreign matters in violation of Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution.
    (no one would accuse Ron Paul of being a “Citizen of the World”).

  9. Anon

    It’s hard to believe that anyone spending formative years, like Obama, in Indonesia could fail to absorb Islam. That is the sort of place Indonesia is.

    Indonesia might not be quite as vile as, say, Saudi Arabia when it comes to its treatment of non-Muslims on a day-to-day basis; but it is, after all, the world’s largest Islamic nation. Moreover, many of Indonesia’s so-called “anti-Communist” blood-lettings have been, in fact, anti-Christian and/or anti-Chinese blood-lettings. Ask any East Timorese what life was like for Catholics (East Timor is over 95% Catholic) under Indonesian tyranny 1975-1999. The regime’s protestations of “anti-Communism” were mainly just rhetorical exercises to get more foreign and military aid from places like Australia.

    I can only assume that American journalists know virtually nothing about Indonesia. Which may indeed be the case.

  10. Mark

    BHO was enrolled in a Catholic school in Indonesia, with his religion listed as Muslim on the school application. This was after leaving a Muslim school where he studied the Koran.

    What were his religious affiliations and activities between his leaving the Catholic school in Indonesia and his arrival at Trinity in Chicago?

    BHO says that he was brought to Christianity by Rev. Wright, so there should be a baptismal certificate attesting BHO was Baptized into the Christianity.

    BHO’s children were Baptized by Rev. Wright, but was BHO himself ever baptized?

    If BHO was Baptized, where is a copy of his Baptismal certificate.

    Often Baptismal certificates list the date and place of birth, and the mothers and fathers name.

    If BHO was never Baptized, then he is a Muslim. If he was, then he is an Apostate.

    Interesting tack to take!

  11. Jennifer

    Excellent article. I think “hip hybrid” is the perfect title for what Obama attempts to be. He’s so eager to impress everybody, I think he’s basically a less clumsy version of John Kerry.

  12. Steve Stip

    America is just so cool. We tattoo our skin, we pierce our tongues, and we elect a black man because he is black and has a Muslim background. We have proved that we are non-racist, that all cultures are equal, and that we are above discriminating against a man just because his name rhymes with Osama and we are warring against Muslims.

    Don’t get me wrong. If Dr.Ron Paul had all those attributes (sans body piercings) and was a woman besides, I would vote for him because of his character and his ideals.

  13. Andrew T.

    Dr. Paul, or anyone with his character and beliefs, wouldn’t in a million years have the body piercings or the Black Liberation Theology in tow. It doesn’t go together.

  14. Steve Stip

    The least thing Obama should do if he is a Christian is deny strongly that he is a messiah. In Christian theology there is only one Messiah and as far as I know Obama has no nail scars in his wrists or feet.

  15. Jon Rowe

    Ms. Mercer,

    I’ve done extensive research into religion & the American Presidency over the past few years (and published in First Things and the Liberty Magazine on the matter) and can attest the kind of “Christianity” that Obama believes in (sans its alleged Muslim component) is par for the course for the American Presidency.

    Indeed what you describe as “Christianity” — we can term it “orthodox Christianity” — is, if anything, more anathema to the American Presidency. As you wrote:

    “Christian doctrine decrees that embracing Jesus Christ as personal savior is the only road to redemption. Jesus said, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ Obama disagrees. He, the Holy Son, says: ‘There are many paths to the same place.’ Is that Christianity? Apparently so in post-Christian America.”

    To the contrary, this unorthodox theology is the “Christianity” that forms America’s Founding civil religion, the one without question believed in by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and probably George Washington and James Madison. Abraham Lincoln likewise believed in something similar. And, as far as I can tell, John McCain is a nominal Christian who probably doesn’t believe embracing Jesus Christ as personal savior is the only road to redemption.

    Though you may have a point that arguably this belief system is not “Christianity.” As such America’s key Founders and Lincoln were not “Christians” but something else.

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