Once Upon A Time: Intellectual Debate Before Institutional Rot

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Brilliant British men and women, unlike their American counterparts, think it is “better to be paid with honor than with money.”–Gore Vidal.

In this clip, Frank Delaney talks to Enoch Powell and Gore Vidal, on BBC2, in December 19, 1982. A real treat. Agree or disagree with their banter, these are deep thinkers, adept at the conversational joust; at the art of repartee. When have we last heard this kind of quality conversation?

If only such brilliance were possible now on the national stage in either country. It’s not—purged by decades of anti-male, MeToo, affirmative action and other therapeutic and dumbing-down initiatives and policy sweeps.

In short: institutional rot.



  • Image of British politicians Margaret Thatcher and Enoch Powell at the Conservative Party Conference, Brighton, UK, 16th October 1965. (Photo by Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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