Palestinians: Eternal Troublemakers, To Arabs Too

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The excerpt is from my new WND column, Palestinians: Eternal Troublemakers, To Arabs Too.”

“To liberals, a designation that encompasses most contemporary ‘conservatives,’ aggression signals oppression. The Palestinian plight is the fault of reckless leaders, Palestinian and Israeli.”

The liberal West honestly believes that bad leaders are what shackle backward peoples.

“Be it in Africa or Arabia, liberals labor under the romantic delusion that the effects of millennia of development-resistant, fatalistic, superstitious and cruel cultures can be cured by an infusion of foreign aid, and by the removal of the Mugabes and Haniyas of the respective regions.” …

The complete column is Palestinians: Eternal Troublemakers – To Arabs, Too.”

8 thoughts on “Palestinians: Eternal Troublemakers, To Arabs Too

  1. H Engelbrecht

    A good case in point is Zimbabwe. I would like to know why the liberal West believes that Zim’s problems will magically disappear if Tsvangarai and democracy “triumphs” over Mugabe. What will change? Will Tsvangarai for instance give back the farms stolen by the so called war veterans? No.

    On a different note – I believe Hamas should be summoned before the Hague and charged with crimes against humanity for using human shields and also for firing rockets into Israeli civilian areas. But wait… is that not exactly what the ANC did. And today MK were “freedom fighters”, not terrorists! So maybe I’ve got it all wrong.

  2. Myron Pauli

    I often wonder on the entire illogic of ineffective and irrational militancy/jihad since most Israelis want peace so badly that a considerable minority of Jews would virtually surrender to get even temporary “peace”. Anwar Sadat just had to act civilized for a brief moment to get 100% of Egypt’s demands met. For some reason, the Palestinians have had their hearts hardened (as in Exodus Chapter 9) to refuse ANY accommodation with a Jewish presence in “Palestine” from the 1920’s onward. Ironic as it is, Palestinian obstructionism and blatant militant stupidity prevents Israel from its own natural inclination to withdraw / relax controls of the so-called Palestinian territories. That is the ultimate irony of the LAND-FOR-PEACE trade – it is virtually trivial to give up land as Israel did in Gaza in 2005 – but it appears beyond the art of the possible for even a momentary and (possibly insincere) display of a peaceful compromise mindset on the part of the Palestinians {I am not counting media appearances by spokespersons such as Hanan Ashwari and Saeb Erekat as anything other than Western-prompted delusions to cover up the basic nature of the mutual-destruction Palestinian mindset}

  3. E. David Litvak

    Dear Ms. Mercer,

    Regarding your above-referenced article published today, Jan. 9th on the WND website, you mentioned the fact that many well-meaning commentators hold that the Israeli response to Hamas (Palestinian dead 400+ = Israeli dead four) is wholly disproportionate.

    The answer to this conundrum is simplicity itself, namely, Jewish blood has ceased to be cheap.

    E. David Litvak

  4. Frank Zavisca

    An Indian friend told me that he is unsympathetic to ANY group that has had it’s refugee status maintained for 60 years – largely by the largess of the United nations.

    He reminded me that nearly 20 million were displaced when Pakistan split off from India in 1947. Yet most of these people found a place to work, many in distant lands.

    Likewise, my wife’s late parents, who were SLAVES of the Nazis in Poland, found a life in the US; they remained refugees in Germany for just a few years.

    Yes, the Palestinians are doomed; no one wants them; the Jews are just their latest enemies.

  5. Boyd Smith

    Of course the response was disproportionate. You don’t win a war by making proportionate responses. You win by making you response as disproportionate as possible. By killing as many of the enemy as you possibly can. By destroying their infrastructure, and reducing their ability to make war upon your people to nil. If the Palestinians whine about disproportionate response they should stop trying to wage war against Israel.

  6. Martin Berrow

    Obviously Pat Buchanan has never been around a exploding quassam rocket. Also, his ignominious, callous, anti-Semitic assessments are false. Quassam rockets (have) killed children and adults in Israel. And even if they hadn’t killed anyone, so what! Are Israeli’s supposed to enjoy being wounded or just wait till someone gets blown to bits? Nothing has changed my views of Pat Buchanan. Martin Berrow

  7. JP Strauss

    Heck, if the IDF were my army, I would have invaded weeks ago. Flog the mobs, execute the terrorists and blow up the weapons caches. Israel has shown great levels of restraint up until now.

    Unfortunately, restraint sometimes leads to losing battles.

    [Allow me to introduce JP: he is an Afrikaner paleoconservative or paleolibertarian. Afrikaners have always been highly conservative and very pro-Israel, although they’ve rightly been upset at their local, liberal Jews.–IM]

  8. H Engelbrecht

    Further to my post above. Over the weekend news it was reported that some high commissioner or other from the UN (a certain Ms Pillay) proposed that Israel be investigated for war-crimes. NOT Hamas – why am I not surprised.

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