Republicans: Repent!

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The excerpt is from my new column, Republicans: Repent!”:

“Like all such ‘good’ things, the latest rescue plan originated with a Republican. Only a week or two back, minority whip Sen. Mitch McConnell proposed a similar scheme whereby the government would lower home-loan interest rates and guarantee the loans. …

Only a few months back, Republicans now baying about Obama’s spending voted for Bush’s $750 billion bank bail-out, and, earlier last year, for his ‘Stim.’ As did they go along with the trillions Bush poured into wars and other welfare. …

If party Republicans wish to convince conservatives of the seriousness of their recently discovered fiscal conservatism, they must stop pretending socialism began with Obama; they must quit making hyperbolic, false statements about Obama having killed capitalism. Acknowledge they must that America has been flouting the free market for ages; that Americans labor under a highly regulated economic system, which combines elements of socialism, fascism, and capitalism.

The GOP must first avow this state of affairs, then disavow it and vow to correct it. …

Said Saint Augustine: ‘The confession of evil works is the first beginning of good works.’ The Republican Party has done the devil’s work. To embark on the good, it must come clean about the bad.”

The complete column is Republicans: Repent!

9 thoughts on “Republicans: Repent!

  1. nister

    I don’t get it. Why not socialism? What need we fear from a directed economy? Pickens wants it, and I believe he just wants what’s best for the country, and world.

    [Please spend some time in our archives learning the founding principles of this country and why the loss of freedom is bad for the country and the world.–IM]

  2. Myron Pauli

    I have a real radical wild and crazy idea – how about if all Republican officeholders swear to obey the Constitution of the United States thus approve no spending or pass laws or even enforce laws which are not authorized by Article 1 Section 8??? Sadly, in our “representative democracy”, they are only reflecting the will of the people (weighted by campaign contributions and favors). All this was foreseen by Benjamin Franklin in his speech 9/17/1787: ” In these sentiments, Sir, I agree to this Constitution with all its faults, if they are such; because I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and CAN ONLY END IN DESPOTISM, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other.” {emphasis mine}. In 1 Samuel, God punishes the Hebrews by having Samuel give the people the statism (King) they yearned for. Obama is the punishment brought on by Republican and cultural wickedness.

  3. John McClain

    Dear Ms. Mercer,
    The truth is, almost all of our elected members of Congress need to make a public apology for failing entirely to follow even one tiny aspect of their oath to serve, and to uphold the Constitution.
    As “professional politicians”, they have betrayed us. We didn’t hire them as such, we voted for “public servants”, to serve as our representatives as we are or should be “sovereign citizens”, and we should be making the decisions with our representatives being told what those decisions are, and how to vote. That was the system put in place, and established in our Constitution, and it remains, even though the politicians have ignored it for amost a century.
    We will never get this if we never enforce the form of State established, by recalling those who fail to fulfill their requirements, and using the Constitution as the basis for all decisions regarding law is a requirement, and by no means an option or a “source of wisdom”, but the principles established on what can be “law”, and more importantly, what cannot.
    The founders did not put term limits in place because they never even considered the possibility of those elected, staying in office. The standard and the expectation was for citizens to vote their representatives in office, and at the end of their term, return that person back to their actual life, and put another citizen in office, and in doing so, expected citizens to be most careful with regard to such things as impact the lives of individuals, because they come from communities, and not political parties.
    We cannot reinstate The Republic without simply reverting to changing the elected at every election. No matter how well a citizen performs as a representative, a sovereign people cannot return him to office under any circumstances. We must be a nation of amateurs in the field of politics, or we cannot be a Republic, and a free and sovereign people.
    This is exactly like baseball or football. We have amatuer teams that come from schools, and they play their hearts out for honor, adulation and experience. We have professional teams whose purpose is to entertain us. They play differently because they have different purposes altogether. We expect the unexpected act from the amateurs, and sometimes it is an amazing act, that garners attention for weeks. We expect conservative play from the professionals, because they know if they screw up, they are done with their career.
    We have no need for a professional government to entertain us, so the amateur government that was established should be the only one we allow to exist and have any authority. For this reason, we must destroy every aspect which leads to a professional political career, because it damages the Nation by changing the actual purpose of government from that of serving the actual needs of a Nation, to that of providing careers with power, for those who believe in “government managers” rather than “public servants”.
    John McClain

  4. Jeff

    Once again, well done Ilana. Here’s my litmus test for Republicans who take the vow of chastity in the economy: Tell me which federal building you will DEMOLISH as an act of solidarity and commitment to these higher virtues. This is symbolic yes, but such a symbol and so much more. I want to see people line up for the demolition – cheering the limiting of government and the resultant return to core principles. Yes, a building could be reused for better purposes but it won’t. In the real world wasteful money pits are best filled and sealed. I can think of a few that we can start with, but I’d rather let everyone’s imaginations run wild. What a day that would be!

  5. Robert Kelley

    Republicans have an even bigger “repentance” problem. They need to acknowledge that it is Republicans that have done much of the damage to the American Republic, starting with their inaugural act, the War Between the States. Then came the “Progressive Era” courtesy of TR;the 16th Amendment from William Howard Taft and the heavy Republican majority 61st Congress; the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 orchestrated by Nelson W. Aldrich, the powerful Republican Senator; and Nixon’s creation of EPA, OSHA, Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the Philadelphia Plan (affirmative action). The Bushes just continued the Party tradition of ever expanding centralized government.

    Conservatives have a similar problem. They won’t acknowledge that Toryism (conservatism) is what our forefathers fought against and won our independence; and is the source of the rift between Jefferson and Hamilton that eventually led to the Democrat and Republican (after several iterations)Parties.

    My best guess is it is not likely we will be hearing any confessions soon.

    Great article as usual. I wish everyone in America was required to read (and understand) it.

  6. John Danforth

    It’s always good for a laugh when Republicans stick to their “principles” (which happens only when the possibility of acting on them is safely out of reach).

    The only “principle” they know is pragmatism. Which means they would shoot you dead if they could get away with it and if it would help them get ahead.

  7. Scott Evans

    Myron Pauli wrote: “I have a real radical wild and crazy idea – how about if all Republican officeholders swear to obey the Constitution of the United States…”

    Hi Myron. Hey, I’ve got an even wilder and crazier idea. How about if all Republican office holders swear to uphold our unalienable rights given to us from Almighty God?

  8. ProphetJames

    Thank you Ilana for once again being one of the few sane voices on the right.

    You are absolutely correct. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of banks in America. The Republicans had no cause to bail out the bankers other than to uphold FDIC guarantees to depositors. The banks should have been allowed to fail so that more soundly managed institutions could emerge. So given their record, one cannot take Republican hand-wringing about Obama’s spending at all seriously.

    But I think its going to take more than mere repentance to fix what ails the Republican Party. Republicans will not be taken seriously again until the phony conservative Republican leadership, such as Mitch McConnell you mentioned, the governor of California comes to mind, and others are unelected from their offices and replaced with new leaders by the Republicans who elected them in the first place. They are an embarrassment to America’s founders’ values and the conservative cause.


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