UPDATED: Rick Perry Infarct (He Strokes AGAIN)



He says he’s not a great debater. Rick Perry flatters himself. Here the presidential contender appears to be “stroking” mid-speech.

UPDATE: CNBC promised a “Live Blog” of the debate. They must have hired a Millennial, who hasn’t yet begun substantive reporting; nothing but atmospherics. The moron is Mark Koba. In any case, Perry stroked again. He mentioned three government departments he’d eliminate, but was unable to come up with the third. Commerce and Education were the first two.

Perry just remembered the department he’d axe: Energy.

3 thoughts on “UPDATED: Rick Perry Infarct (He Strokes AGAIN)

  1. George Pal

    I have never seen so accomplished a merry marionette – not that it’s of particular interest to me as entertainment but still – I couldn’t even see the strings.

  2. Myron Pauli

    Mencken referred to the popular electorate as the booboisie and it seems natural to seek out the appropriate boobs to lead the masses. The “Tea Party” infatuation with Perry and that Pizza Pie Pushing huckster is rather pathetic.

    It is also a sad state of affairs when “foreigners” like Netanyahu can give cogent political speeches with actual logical arguments and we have blithering jackasses barely able to talk above soundbite-laden gibberish
    (Mitt is only marginally better).

    Look for the “family values” crowd to migrate to Newt the serial Philanderer (but at least his English is above 5th grade level).

  3. Steve Hogan

    Our political system is hopelessly broken if this mental midget is a front runner for president.

    Time to hit the reset button.

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