UPDATED (8/8): Some Movies That Weather The Storms Of Time



Movies this viewer can watch again and again every few years: “The Perfect Storm”: I keep hoping George Clooney will scale the Wave, as well as the film about the 50 Year Wave: “Point Break.” Jaws (1 & 2): great. Special effects were better then than today’s digital, computer-generated crap.

As to my kind of feelgood movies: Let us ready the great “Death Wish” series, featuring Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey the avenger. That crime-riddled reality is upon us again, in the USA.


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A true American movie classic, where values are solid, is “October Sky,” which “tells the story of four [striving] boys in a poverty-stricken corner of Appalachia.” Mining has always been the saddest story of male heroism.

Tell me about your favorites in the Comments Section below. We all agree that “Gone With the Wind” stands unbeaten—it also serves up better history than offered by court historian Doris Kearns Goodwin.

UPDATED (7/31):The Perfect Storm Swallows Sailors

UPDATED (8/8):

One thought on “UPDATED (8/8): Some Movies That Weather The Storms Of Time

  1. A.J. Price

    *All About Eve*—not one bad line in the whole thing. Even the minor characters were quotable:

    Marilyn Monroe on producers: “Why do they all look like unhappy rabbits?”

    Thelma Ritter on Eve: “Like an agent with one client.”

    This is a film where there was very little action and a whole lot of talking, but you couldn’t get bored with it if you tried! And of course the cast was superb. Few actresses could rival Bette Davis at her best.

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