Updated: The Hildebeest to Level the Lending Industry

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The Hildebeest wants to make it easier for debt-laden borrowers to borrow money they can’t repay. She wants those who don’t spend money they don’t have, to subsidize those who do. The latter are called, euphemistically “at-risk borrowers.” So now we are medicalizing fraud! Defraud the lender and it is not he and his investment that are at risk, but you the defrauder. As for the money lending industry: hey toots, what do you think mortgage companies will do if you force them to throw good money after bad? Go bankrupt!

Tightening credit conditions and foreclosures signal to this silly socialist one and one thing only: the lending industry is not yet egalitarian enough; it has not yet been forced to lend to all equally. The insurance industry already gets sued to bits when it refuses to pay out to the barely insured for homes that were swept away by Katrina, but were never insured against floods. This woman is so dim. Like so many women, Hillary just doesn’t understand money or free markets. Here I include the war harpies. They cheer on the spending in Iraq, which contributes to our economic straits—to the promiscuous money printing and the devaluation of the dollar. As I once said on a libertarian discussion list, I’d give up my vote if that would guarantee that all women were denied the vote.

The worst part of all this is how Hillary audaciously framers her Fabian plank as quintessential Americanism: “We need to secure the marketplace and put reforms in place right now… [do] what America has always done in times of difficulty…,” IT announced.

Practically every initiative Hillary touts as part of her platform is grounded in spending money not hers. Hey toots, you haven’t even been elected yet! Enough already! I’m being unfair. Instead of a slap on the face to calm the cow down, Barak Hussein Obama is matching Hillary word-for-word. He has also promised to curb “abusive practices,” by which he presumably means the mortgage company’s practice of charging a higher interest rate for loans to less credit-worthy borrowers.

This is sick. It’s socialism.

Updated (March 29, 2008): Yesterday Hillary reiterated her intent to level another industry: health insurance. This time her mandate came from the … Constitution. We were all prohibited under the Constitution, said she, from discriminating on the basis of age, sex, race, etc. So why should the insurance industry be exempt? Why should it be permitted to discriminate between people based on health status (largely under the individual’s control)? Hillary wanted to know. Aware as I am that Hillary is such a strict constructionist (sarcasm alert), please enlighten me as to the clause in the Constitution upon which Hillary bases her latest Fabian impetus. It’s obvious that the woman could never fathom what it is that the actuary does.

One thought on “Updated: The Hildebeest to Level the Lending Industry

  1. Szasz

    You are correct, Ilana. Such whimsical approach to “leadership” is totally symptomatic of what created this mess. No comprehension of consequences. Just “change…right now.” Then, after it fails and creates even more severe distortions to economic reality, simply point fingers and lie about whose responsibility it should be, rather than whose culpability it ultimately resides with.

    “Barely-a-rock” and “Billary” are both promulgating their pathetic “nonsense” to dupe the ignorant in sufficient numbers to get their hands on power. It’s a modern version of “…a chicken in every pot…” Only, any knowing economist would call it “…a rabbit in every hat…”
    What a comedy team this pair would make for a low-level-lounge act in a dimly lit, backstreet bar on a wharf somewhere. Please, not in America. Not in my country. Certainly not in the country my grandparents immigrated to (and subsequently helped “build”) with only what they could carry on their backs and within their tired hands and worn-out pockets.

    Politics by popularity, via vapid empty promises. Economic prosperity by issuing massive amounts of (more) fiat currency. Anyone with money will also need a wheelbarrow of it to buy a loaf of bread. (People in Germany, during the height of post-World War I “hyper-inflation” actually “burned” the currency just to keep warm, it was so worthless.)

    Someone, please “get a hook” and pull these two obnoxious characters off of the stage. I was already nauseated before their act started.

    After one (or both) of them get elected, the works of Kafka will be most appropriate; fitting; suitable for four-or-more years of their ill-formed consequences to the (remaining) economic might of America.

    Franz Kafka (circa 1917):

    “Now the Sirens have a still more fatal weapon than their song, namely their silence… Someone might possibly have escaped from their singing; but from their silence, certainly never.”

    “There is hope, but not for us.”


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