The Muslim Murderers Among Us & Their Enablers

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In the days to come, the rest of the hobbled West will praise the poor Parisians for their “brave” displays of tears, teddy bears and candles, during vigils that will be held for their 153 compatriots, slaughtered across the city. Thanks will be given to an inept French intelligence and security apparatus, which was said to have been “overwhelmed” by tracking 1500 or so returning Jihadis, instead of deporting them. The Muslim friendly, open-immigration policies established by successive treacherous, left-liberal governments will be applauded as a triumph of “our way of life.” The traitor class will persist in declaring French Islam as French as the beret and the baguette.

Patriots who promise to make France safe for its people, once again—Marine Le Pen’s Front National, the Freedom Party of Austria, and Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom, to be joined, we hope, by Donald Trump, stateside—will be called “far-right, anti-immigrant nationalists” by the traitor class, starting with The New York Times. The difference: Trump will join the ostracized and normalize the quaint ideas of national survival and good sense.

B. Hussein Obama will blah blah about our flaccid affinity for liberty, equality, fraternity, the French national motto. (Thanks to our public school system, your kids will be none-the-wiser about the fact that America’s founding principles of life, liberty and property are the philosophical opposite of the French Revolution.) The European population, starting with the French, will be convinced by their leaders to declare victory for their “way of life,” as the bodies of the tens of victims, who can’t be consulted about the terms of this “freedom,” freeze over in the morgue.

Yes, in the West, crying and dying is tantamount to … winning.

2 thoughts on “The Muslim Murderers Among Us & Their Enablers

  1. David Smith

    My only quibble with what you’ve penned here, Miss Ilana, is that not only will Le Pen, Wilders, Trump, et al, be termed “far right extremist,” but in all likelihood they’ll just out-and-out parallel them with Nazis (Again, I’m quibbling!) Either way, just as “racist” is losing its impact here in the States due to gross overuse, I think the days of the traitor class using the aforementioned epithets to any effect are now most certainly numbered!

  2. Alex

    The parade of arrogant collaborators, or I’d rather say – accomplices, of the civilians’ slaughter in France, is more depressing then the act itself – alager com alager in this lopsidedly suppressed war of moral, corporeal & financial destruction and subsequent re-placement/occupation of the West and its morals.

    From secure fortified locations, surrounded by armed to the teeth “new centurions”, in a non-stop bloviating manner, “professional” political whores and callous bureaucrats absolutely guaranty a repetition of the terror in an immediate and foreseeable future and reassure respected citizenry that the only way out is a submission to the new reality and an acceptance of the habitual whites’ blood-letting perpetrated by the “disadvantaged” and colonists, the creatures domestically-cultivated or brought to our lands against our wishes and sustained with extorted blood and sweat of the victims. It is 1789, 1917 & 1933 all over again. For the USA it is 9/11 with the same names, positions, hubris, demagoguery, results and an ultimate invincibility. They will be re-elected & re-appointed, no matter what… And the rapidly changing new “majority” will make sure of it.

    Welcome to “democracy”, where term “our values” is used for the destruction of such.

    Farewell REPUBLIC.

    PS Who can omit the PC public school teachers and “academia”. Not that I think of Pravda/Der Stürmer MSM any less. A hell of a job…

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