The Stupid Party Needs A Bigger Tent (Or, A Bigger Tin-Foil Hat)

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Listen to the clowns vying for the chairmanship of the RNC, as they pule about “reaching out” to Ron Paul supporters:

Aren’t they stupid? Deeply and profoundly stupid.

One after the other, each huckster proceeds to misconstrue the Ron Paul Revolution. Each sounds off, as dumbly as any female on The View, about the passion and the personality that united Paulites.

Wrong: Ron Paul’s appeal, as he has always insisted perceptively, was in the ideas of liberty. Paul, an impish and ascetic gentleman, is hardly a larger-than-life, expansive personality.

But his ideas are.

Paul’s unequivocal commitment to these eternal verities has made him the legend he has become. His supporters, myself included, gravitated to liberty as articulated by the Thomas Jefferson of our times.

Not one of these RNC asses with ears understood, or articulated, this simple fact.

3 thoughts on “The Stupid Party Needs A Bigger Tent (Or, A Bigger Tin-Foil Hat)

  1. Steve

    I think asses is too mild of a word. These men don’t want to see a revolution that brings this nation back to its Constitutional moorings, but a former nation that is mired first in a regional government and ultimately in a world socialist government. When “we the people” get fed up with the ruling elites and their slave masters, we will see the revolution that we need, but not until then.

  2. socalserf

    Most Republicans don’t ‘get’ Liberty.
    I’m not optimistic that they ever will.

  3. Myron Pauli

    I’ve listened to Republicans talking for 40 years about reaching out to XYZ (blacks, freedom lovers, … ) but it just means allowing them to become part of their corrupt network – not changing their idiotic ways. The very same Republican hacks wouldn’t even ALLOW Ron Paul votes to be counted last year
    at the convention. They will look a bit better in opposition to Democratic statism than they did as supporters of Republican statism but that too is an illusion. As you said, Ron Paul’s appeal was in the IDEAS of liberty – not some sexy hairdo, golden rhetorical gift, or him being half-black or the other superficial rot that passes as “new” to the mainstream statist media.

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