Trump’s Private Property Plunder Plan

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The government has several ways to pay for its obligations, one of which is to seize private property in the form of taxes. Taxes are private property plundered. A tax cut for those who pay taxes is tantamount to a return of stolen goods.

With a tax cut, the plundering class simply agrees to pilfer less. The notion that you must “pay for tax cuts” is like a burglar promising to return the television he stole as soon as he is in a better financial position.

I get a headache from just reading Donald Trump’s plunder plan. Rand Paul’s taxation policy is the best in a bad bunch. Rand “has proposed a 14.5 percent flat-tax rate for all types of income.” Equality under the law? What a concept? A flat tax limits state theft. The idea would send the socialist pope in search of sackcloth and ashes.

Trump, on the other hand, has let the low-income cohort off the hook. “Individuals that make less than $25,000 (and $50,000 for married couples) would pay no income taxes under Trump’s plan.”(CNN)

BAD. All citizens should have a dog in this fight. Better to let the so-called poor set the flat-tax rate for all of us. It would be lower than Paul’s 14.5 percent.

Trump’s plan is progressive: the more private property you accrue, the greater the percentage of which you forfeit.


Unspecified, too, at least in this WSJ article, is the burden Trump plans to place on those earning between $100,000 and $300,000.