Vlad The Jeffersonian

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‘The accumulation of debts is a most fearful evil’, said Thomas Jefferson

Russian President Vladimir Putin beats America on that Jeffersonian measure of ultimate patriotism.

Government debt accounted for only 16.1 percent of Russia’s GDP, in June of 2023.

By comparison, the US government’s current debt-to-GDP ratio is 122.8 percent.

Compared to America’s profligate politicians, who trash their country while in office, Putin is indeed a Russian patriot.

Exclaims Musil Protege on Twitter: I “love the idea of Vlad being the Last Jeffersonian.

There is one highly intelligent presidential candidate who understands the Federal Reserve Bank’s workings and lethality and knows the value of real financial anchors in an ocean of debt.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has vowed to back the US dollar with Bitcoin or gold if elected president, albeit incrementally.

It can’t hurt, but it’s unclear whether it’ll help at this stage of the United State government’s economic unraveling.


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