UPDATED: Brothers And Sisters On Top (Meantime, In Lefty La-La Land)

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LAYING OF THE HANDS BY HOMELAND SECURITY. Feel free to come up with other captions to this image, in which a young woman, palms up, endures a TSA head massage. It joins a growing stash of similarly themed Americana, in which minority members—represented in federal agencies in greater numbers than among the larger population—lord it over the maligned and despised majority.

This is no spiritual ministry.

In my case, a large African-American woman had summoned me with a crooked finger for a pat down, during which I thought of the film “Midnight Express.” And in particular, the scene where Billy Hayes’ far-from-delightful Turkish jailer schemes to enjoy some time alone with the young American. My tormentor wore the same sadistic, atavistic expression. Her giant digits were soon upon my chest and between my legs.

In the TSA grope-a-thone, a preponderance of manifestly angry minorities face off against the submissive majority. It’s not easy to prove—more so because there is no will to prove it—but you’d be hard pressed to view this sort of TSA pat-down, in this case, of a toddler in a cast (via LRC.COM), as racially insignificant or innocent.

Catholic nuns are notoriously liberal—having recently been admonished by the Vatican for infidelity to the Church’s teachings. So this nun probably doesn’t much mind having her habit disturbed by a similarly clad TSA handmaiden.

If you find footage of TSA agents frisking black tots, or elderly and crippled black old ladies, please send it along.

UPDATE (April 22): Meantime, In Lefty La-La Land.
A naive, lefty parallel universe RG (in Comments) has going there, in opposition to what is looking like a critical mass of facts and anecdotes. What was the last sentence in this post? “If you find footage of TSA agents [black or white] frisking black tots, or elderly and crippled black old ladies, please send it along.”

12 thoughts on “UPDATED: Brothers And Sisters On Top (Meantime, In Lefty La-La Land)

  1. Anonymous

    I hate racism. No matter if it’s subtle or blatant. This is absolutely blatant. Obama must lose this November or garbage like this will continue. I’m tired of being made to feel guilty for something that I had no hand in and had no control over.

  2. james huggins

    I’ll bet if someone came along wearing a long robe with a dish rag tied around his head and chanting “Allah is great” and “Death to America” they would probably not only refrain from patting him down but would probably upgrade his ticket to first class.

  3. Sioux

    So is that the answer. Buy a Burka! I haven’t seen my son in almost two years because we both refuse to fly under these circumstances and the drive would take two days. I cannot bear this tyranny and worry very much how I would act during a TSA assault. I don’t think I would cry because that would give them too much satisfaction. Would probably end up being detained.

  4. My RON-PAUL i

    Dear Anonymous – the TSA started under Bush. In fact, if Obama tried to end it, Republicans like McCain and Sean Hannity would be bitching how Obama is “endangering the country”. This is not to praise Obama who himself has no respect for individual liberty – but just to point out that the odds of Romney changing this is about the same as sighting a talking kangaroo.

    Although billions of nudie scans, shoes removed, and gropes have never caught a single terrorist, the insanity goes on unabated.

  5. Robert Glisson

    Yesterday, Friday, I was in the Tulsa airport for a serviceman’s return to his family. One man mentioned that he and his family didn’t fly anymore, I replied that mine didn’t either since TSA came into existence. I received a compliment for my good sense. Our man’s plane was delayed due to the weather. We watched three or four flights come in, mostly east to west or vice versa; almost no passengers on any of them. Ours (Ft. Worth-Tulsa) did have a good sized group. I heard that the airline’s numbers were down, this reinforced the impression.

    [We are all curious on BAB about your good works. Maybe a short feature blog is in order.]

  6. lonegranger

    I refuse to use any facility where I would be subject to TSA tactics!

    Why do people insist on deluding themselves that there is no alternative to flying commercially? Would you let a DMV attendant amuse themselves at your expense were they to offer in exchange an expedited and successful visit? Is the time element a real or perceived necessity. Consider, that a month after you’re dead, most of the people who knew you will have already forgotten you!

    Life is tough enough without being lured into the lurid world of administratively legal S&M! Next, passengers will be wrapped as mummies and hung on straps during a flight. Yum!

    By the way, looking at the picture, are you sure that it was a female TSA agent? They all seem to look alike.

  7. Sioux

    TSA did start under Bush and the beloved Lizard-Man Chertoff was over it all. Now he is on the board of the company that makes the naked scanners. But you gotta admit that under Barry Soetoro and the lovely Janet Napolitano, the TSA has kicked it up considerably.

  8. Rebel without a Clause

    Part and parcel of the ongoing anti-White race war. Enforced by Black thugs in the pay of the NY/DC/Hollywood gang.

  9. Robert Glisson

    Actually, I don’t think it’s so much of an ‘anti-white’ thing as it is an attempt to be ‘correct.’ Common sense dictates that there is no reason to do the searches they do. Stupid rules were made by someone and have to be enforced anyway; but, one must also be cognizant of the politically correct as well. Affirmative action comes into play as well, so you have to hire more Blacks to be sure you aren’t discriminating. Unnecessary Incompetence is what they excel at. Try the Welfare system, where it takes three thousand wasted in order to give away the fourth thousand. Another example, the US Military, builds a Generation three, WW2 Military, then tries to execute a Generation four exercise in the Middle East. Diana West has numerous articles about Counter-Insurgency success. No question that there are thugs on the job, but this is mostly what you have in democracy- Communism in short pants. I might add- and just as childish.

    [See Post Update.]

  10. Robert Glisson

    “Lefty?” as a descriptor for someone that considers Republicans socialists? How did I pick up that tag? or did you mean the left wing government was naive? The federal employees I’ve known were never naive- they enjoyed their power. Where are you going to find black kids on aircraft? In the fifty years I’ve flown (off and on) I’ve probably counted maybe fifteen grownups (no kids ever) and that includes the crew. Friday, I saw three, a husband meeting his wife and teenage daughter who flew in. Out of two-three hundred whites there. Yes there are predigest TSA employees and that is one of the reasons to get rid of the TSA; but, not the only one. There will still be scanners and gropers. We need to turn over the whole system and restore a small simple efficient government that knows its limits. And that was my point.

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