Bully Power Vs. Balance of Power: Russians in Syria

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Al Arabiya News is reporting that “Russian special forces have arrived in the Syrian Mediterranean port city of Tartus.” The news agency’s website front-page features an image of western-looking soldiers under which this caption appears: “A Russian ship carrying a unit of ‘anti-terrorist marines’ is reportedly docked at the Syrian port city of Tartus.”

DEBKAfile, the “Israeli-based open source military intelligence website,” confirms the information, running it as «Breaking News.»:

A Russian ship carrying marines anchors at Tartus, Syria
DEBKAfile March 19, 2012, 6:00 PM (GMT+02:00)
Two Russian naval vessels have anchored at the Syrian port of Tartus, Russian Black Sea headquarters at Sevastopol reports. Their mission and identifies were not disclosed, excepting that one was carrying a unit of “anti-terrorist marines” and the other, a military tanker which joined “a Russian naval reconnaissance and surveillance ship already tied up in Tartus.”

In “Onward to Iran!” I commented that the US uses the world as its combat canvas, “a bully’s universe.” Essentially, the US operates upon the premise “that American men and matériel should be capable of reaching [and controlling] all corners of the world.”

Perhaps this intervention is a Russian attempt to restore a balance of powers, and thus prevent more Libyas, which the US and its NATO subsidiary used for regime-change practice.

4 thoughts on “Bully Power Vs. Balance of Power: Russians in Syria

  1. Stephen Bernier

    Could it be a “set up” for a much larger conflagaration?

  2. james huggins

    I wonder if the Russians are going to attend “sensitivity” classes like our troops.

  3. Rebel Without a Clause

    It’s certainly one more reason why the US and its Euro-pup “allies” are not going to be able to do a Libya on Syria. This attempt to break the Shia Crescent is not going at all well for the Empire, and probably forcasts the eventual outcome of the IranWar as well: a devastating defeat for both Israel and America.

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