UPDATED (10/16/018): Dina Powel, Floated To Replace Nimrata Haley, Is ALSO Ivanka’s Liberal, BFF Recruit

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We dodged a bullet: The ambitious, liberal Ivanka Trump won’t be replacing neoconservative Nikki Hailey as UN ambassador.

But was POTUS floating an Ivanka trial balloon? Pray not. There is no winning when the Jarvanka duo is in charge.

One thing is certain: Jared Kushner is NO “hidden genius.” But as she exited the door, neocon Nikki Haley (herself no genius) has been proclaiming Jarvanka to be geniuses. Why? And what’s going on?!

As I’ve warned in past posts, “Haley, is a provincial idiot—a smalltime politician—whom President Trump has turned into a global power broker.” Likely at the behest of his daughter Ivanka. Haley is her close pal.

The same can be said for the woman rumored to replace Nimrata Haley: Dina Powel. She is “former adviser to Ivanka and now on Trump’s National Security Council.” As I pointed out in “The Matriarchy Is Gunning For John Kelly,” Powel “is a relic from Goldman Sachs and an Ivanka recruit.”

Powel is not only a liberal, but a member of the “‘Kushner-Cohn Democrats’ who ousted Stephen Bannon from the West Wing, and are, no doubt, gunning for John Kelly.”

Watch your backs, Deplorables.

UPDATE (10/16/018):