Nikki Haley: Smalltime Politician Turned Big-League Scold

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Only a woman would wag her finger at a country and say, “Enough is enough.”

I give you Nikki Haley, the provincial idiot—a smalltime politician—whom President Trump has turned into a global power broker. (Is she Ivanka’s friend?)

What a scold.

“To the members of the Security Council, I must say, enough is enough,” she said at an emergency Security Council meeting, which was called in response to North Korea’s sixth and strongest nuclear test, on Sunday. “We have taken an incremental approach, and despite the best of intentions, it has not worked.”
“The time has come to exhaust all diplomatic means to end this crisis,” Haley said. “Only the strongest sanctions will enable us to solve this problem through diplomacy.”

Now she wants to starve the people of North Korea.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is “begging for war,” she said. “The stakes could not be higher. The urgency is now.”

The Leader, Kim Jong Un, will stay as chubby and well-fed as he is. The impoverished North Koreans alone will be affected by Haley’s sanctions. Another thing: Idiots like Haley and her neocon cohort truly believe North Koreans love her and hate their chubby leader. Not at all. Most people do not wish to be told how to live by foreign busybodies like Haley.

Can’t we send Dennis Rodman, instead?

Here’s “what the media and Haley aren’t telling you about North Korea’s missile tests:

What the media failed to mention was that, for the last three weeks, Japan, South Korea and the US have been engaged in large-scale joint-military drills on Hokkaido Island and in South Korea. These needlessly provocative war games are designed to simulate an invasion of North Korea and a “decapitation” operation to remove (Re: Kill) the regime. North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un has asked the US repeatedly to end these military exercises, but the US has stubbornly refused. The US reserves the right to threaten anyone, anytime and anywhere even right on their doorstep. It’s part of what makes the US exceptional. Check out this excerpt from an article at Fox News …