Dissing The Dalai Dodo

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Members of the fashionable left generally line up for the Dalai Lama. That’s why Obama is making such a song-and-dance of dissing the old dodo, famous for his fortune-cookie profundities and for giving celebrity airheads “intellectual” arsenal.

Dissing: Da Man will not be meeting with Da Dalai “during the Lama’s five-day trip to the U.S. capital beginning on Monday, the first time in 18 years the exiled Tibetan leader has visited Washington without seeing the president,” reports Yahoo News.

Dodo-in-chief doesn’t want to annoy our biggest creditors: China.

So long as Clueless Clooney and Bono are still welcome at the White House, we’re all safe.

I almost forgot. Read more about the One Who Is Lauded By The Lame—whence come the Lama’s pseudo-spiritual qiups; who financed him as he sat on his well-robed behind, etc.—in “Deifying The Dalai Lama.”

3 thoughts on “Dissing The Dalai Dodo

  1. Myron Pauli

    Well, better to make kissy-poo with the Lama than starting a trade war with China and better a trade war with China than a hot bloody war. Of course, maybe the President of the US could confine himself to enforcing those legitimate powers under Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution – but then I am fantasizing about our Messiah.

    Actually, I am happy when the Big Man stays out of world affairs. At least he hasn’t followed the left wing’s desire to station troops in Darfur.

    Unfortunately, our Great Leader’s PR flack pronounced that leaving Afghanistan is “not on the table”.

  2. Gringo Malo

    Got a reference on that Soros/CIA funding for the Dalai Lama? I’m not doubting you. I just haven’t paid any attention to the Dalai Lama since I first saw Caddyshack.

    In fairness to Ms. Upton, what’s a beauty contestant to say in response to such a question? She might have said, “They’re just stupid, I guess.” That wouldn’t have sat well with the judges. She might have said, “Well, our welfare state has enabled the breeding of many individuals who should have been winnowed out of a technological society.” That would have gotten her kicked out on the spot. She might have asked, “How many of these Americans who cant’ find the country on a map are white?” (The press neglected to inform us.) That would have gotten her boiled in oil. Required to answer such a question in PC terms, I wouldn’t have done much better, perhaps not as well.

  3. Virgil

    Well, the way Obama figures, there is room for only one god-man in the White House.

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