UPDATED (2/22): Environmentalists Betray The Cause: How Mass Immigration Affects The Land & The Critters

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Environmentalists have become traitors to a cause we should all care about: our environment, the resources it provides and the creatures and critters who depend on these for survival. They used to care. No more.

Environmental groups, in particular, “the Center for Biological Diversity, the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Defenders of Wildlife,” claim, in multiple lawsuits, that “construction operations [of The Border Wall] would harm plants, rare wildlife habitats, threatened coastal birds like the snowy plover and California gnatcatcher, and other species such as fairy shrimp and the Quino checkerspot butterfly.”

To the contrary, migrants pouring over the borders into the habitats these idiots claim to care about are doing great damage. But the situation is far more dire.

“Destruction of this country’s social fabric has never bothered environmentalists. But what of its environmental resources? At the current rate of immigration, 40 percent of America’s lakes and streams are no longer fishable or swimmable. What will be their fate in the middle of the century?”

In California, a school will have to be built every day in perpetuity to keep up with the unremitting influx. Urban sprawl, traffic congestion, overcrowding, pollution, and rural land loss—there isn’t a community in the US that’ll escape the social and environmental despoliation witnessed in California and Florida.

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In 2004, Time magazine described in detail how illegal aliens rushing the southern border commit property crimes and despoil the environment:
When the crowds cross the ranches along and near the border, they discard backpacks, empty Gatorade and water bottles and soiled clothes. They turn the land into a vast latrine, leaving behind revolting mounds of personal refuse and enough discarded plastic bags to stock a Wal-Mart. Night after night, they cut fences intended to hold in cattle and horses. Cows that eat the bags must often be killed because the plastic becomes lodged between the first and second stomachs. The immigrants steal vehicles and saddles. They poison dogs to quiet them. The illegal traffic is so heavy that some ranchers, because of the disruptions and noise, get very little sleep at night.

Yes, Time Magazine has also betrayed the countryside and the critters.

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UPDATED (2/22): Arizona Border Trash: Destruction of land and critters b/c of mass migration. Any mention of that in @AOC’s New Green Deal? By anyone on the Left?