Flaccid Republicans

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Now where would I get the impression that Republicans are growing softer by the day? McCain’s blushing at the mention of masculinity-related medication? Close.

McCain has devotes a hell of a lot of time to condemning the few remaining passionate Republicans who dare to defile the Democrats. He condemned any and all who dwelled on Obama’s ties to his spiritual guide of 20 years, the revolting Rev. Wright.

And now McCain, in that somnambulist drone, promises to knock the stuffing out of the one Republican voter who’s motivated enough to pay for a billboard depicting the burning Twin Towers, and exhorting fellow Floridians not to vote Democratic. McCain will get to him as soon as he’s through prostrating himself before the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). (He told them Obama was an “impressive fellow.”)

Meanwhile, songwriter Senator Orrin Hatch, the conservative Utah Republican, is serenading the “legendary liberal” Teddy Kennedy. Warning: refrain from reading further while ingesting anything other than anti-nausea meds.

When he’s not praying to Kennedy, Hatch can be found praying for him: “I pray for him several times a day,” Hatch said.

In case you wondered where your representatives are and why they don’t respond to your demands, it’s because they’re tied up. As Hatch explained, “A lot of Republicans are praying for [Teddy].”

6 thoughts on “Flaccid Republicans

  1. Myron Pauli

    Mencken, talking about Grover Cleveland, commented that (nowadays) courage of convictions is a luxury confined to the more comical types or runners-up at political conventions … and he never even met Ron Paul. In fairness, perhaps Ronald Reagan had some underlying beliefs – but not Nixon, Bush I, Bush II, the Doles, Romney, McCain….

    We can expect to see oObama to attempt to out warmnger McCain and McCain to attempt to out-Afro Obama, and god knows what horrendous stupidity between now and November.. As for Republican “principles” – give me a break – Leave No Child Behind, Prescription Drug Benefits, Agribusiness subsidies, Bottomless bank bailouts, Homeland Security bureaucracies, Wage and Price Controls (that was my man Nixon), Americans with Disabilities Act… – these are the same “principles” of Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, and Huey Long – seize power and control.

    However, I doubt that the Republicans will learn anything from (what appears to be) their upcoming Electoral Drubbing of 2008. They will just have to hope that the Messiah and his Congress screw things enough to give them another chance at power.

  2. james huggins

    Not much to discuss here. the Republicans are so timid they won’t take a stand and are willing to let the democrats rip them up while pussyfooting around. It does no good. They are not respected by friend or enemy alike.

    [Good to have your back, Huggs.–IM]

  3. JP Strauss

    What happened to men with spines? Are they all dead? What ever happened to telling liberal whinos to “shut the hell up”. Why must we all feel guilty about our prosperity?

  4. John Mattingly

    McCain is certainly soft in the head.

    Or perhaps I am wrong and there are scores of millions of alien Aztecs, black Americans and left wingers who have just been itching for a moderate Republican for whom they could punch the chad.

    His weepy pleas for ‘God’s children‘ and his endless evocations of this non-existent Nation of Immigrants is his gravest offense. Nothing disturbs me more than the widespread acceptance of the tenets of the cult of xenophilia, with it’s exaltation of Diversity as a virtue.

    I can’t get a hold of this confused idea of civility in politics- the gushing for Obama; the ‘coming together’ with Ted Kennedy ‘to get something done’.

    McCain says “reaching across the aisle“, while I say “giving the dems a reach-around”. Potato, potahto!

  5. Tom

    Sleepwalking John McCain is evidently now the Republican Establishment candidate, but I wonder how the Republicans could have been so stupid as to support McCain’s campaign. Perhaps it was only the unintended consequence of a fatally flawed Primary election process; or worse, an Establishment conspiracy to lose the Presidential election with a sleepwalking idiot for a candidate. About McCain’s view of illegal aliens as all God’s children, McCain seems to prefer lawless anarchy instead of lawful constitutional Government by citizens. To take McCain’s view to the extreme limit, it would suggest allowing hundreds of millions of illegal aliens from Mexico and central and south America, and India, and China, etcetera, into the UNited States, as all God’s children. Is God a God of anarchy? I think McCain’s theology is fatally flawed.

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