Updated: True Colors?

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Is this a metaphor for radicalism, or just a bit of satire?

The New Yorker’s latest cover features the Obamas in full regalia, fist bumping under a portrait of Osama. He is in a Muslim mumu, she is accoutered like a terrorist—with an AK-47 and a Black Panther’s afro, except that her expression is far less furrowed and ferocious than it usually is. The American flag burns in the background.

To quote the ditty Cindy Lauper popularized,

I see your true colors shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful

Update (July 17): Media have stated categorically that—sniker, sniker—the “rumor” of Obama’s Muslim affiliation is preposterous. Only a troglodyte would entertain such a proposition.

But that’s not what Daniel Pipes says. (Let’s dispense with the Pipes swipes, and with the validity of ad hominem in argument, RIGHT NOW, before we proceed, please.)

In any event, Dr. Pipes makes reasonable points in “Barack Obama’s Muslim Childhood”:

…Obama’s Kenyan birth father: In Islam, religion passes from the father to the child. Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. (1936–1982) was a Muslim who named his boy Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Only Muslim children are named “Hussein”.

Obama’s Indonesian family: His stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was also a Muslim. In fact, as Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng explained to Jodi Kantor of the New York Times: “My whole family was Muslim, and most of the people I knew were Muslim.” An Indonesian publication, the Banjarmasin Post reports a former classmate, Rony Amir, recalling that “All the relatives of Barry’s father were very devout Muslims.”

Barack Obama’s Catholic school in Jakarta.
The Catholic school: Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press reports that “documents showed he enrolled as a Muslim” while at a Catholic school during first through third grades. Kim Barker of the Chicago Tribune confirms that Obama was “listed as a Muslim on the registration form for the Catholic school.” A blogger who goes by “An American Expat in Southeast Asia” found that “Barack Hussein Obama was registered under the name ‘Barry Soetoro’ serial number 203 and entered the Franciscan Asisi Primary School on 1 January 1968 and sat in class 1B. … Barry’s religion was listed as Islam.”

The public school: Paul Watson of the Los Angeles Times learned from Indonesians familiar with Obama when he lived in Jakarta that he “was registered by his family as a Muslim at both schools he attended.” Haroon Siddiqui of the Toronto Star visited the Jakarta public school Obama attended and found that “Three of his teachers have said he was enrolled as a Muslim.” Although Siddiqui cautions that “With the school records missing, eaten by bugs, one has to rely on people’s shifting memories,” he cites only one retired teacher, Tine Hahiyari, retracting her earlier certainty about Obama’s being registered as a Muslim.

Barack Obama’s public school in Jakarta.
Koran class: In his autobiography, Dreams of My Father, Obama relates how he got into trouble for making faces during Koranic studies, thereby revealing he was a Muslim, for Indonesian students in his day attended religious classes according to their faith. Indeed, Obama still retains knowledge from that class: Nicholas D. Kristof of the New York Times, reports that Obama “recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them [to Kristof] with a first-rate accent.”

Mosque attendance: Obama’s half-sister recalled that the family attended the mosque “for big communal events.” Watson learned from childhood friends that “Obama sometimes went to Friday prayers at the local mosque.” Barker found that “Obama occasionally followed his stepfather to the mosque for Friday prayers.” One Indonesia friend, Zulfin Adi, states that Obama “was Muslim. He went to the mosque. I remember him wearing a sarong” (a garment associated with Muslims).

Piety: Obama himself says that while living in Indonesia, a Muslim country, he “didn’t practice [Islam],” implicitly acknowledging a Muslim identity. Indonesians differ in their memories of him. One, Rony Amir, describes Obama as “previously quite religious in Islam.”

Obama’s having been born and raised a Muslim and having left the faith to become a Christian make him neither more nor less qualified to become president of the United States. But if he was born and raised a Muslim and is now hiding that fact, this points to a major deceit, a fundamental misrepresentation about himself that has profound implications about his character and his suitability as president.

Read the complete article.

7 thoughts on “Updated: True Colors?

  1. anidea

    Well with every other major magazine emblazoned with Obama’s smiling face, and deep meaningful stories of his rather bland and unaccomplished life, it’s entertaining to see someone finally poke fun at his carefully crafted media facade.

  2. Steve Stip

    If I understand correctly, the purpose of the cartoon is to mock the view of some people that Obama and wife are radical Muslims. The few times I have attempted to read the New Yorker I have been put off by the intellectual
    snobbery of it. But so what if a New Yorker is a tad more sophisticated than someone from West Virginia? If I recall, the rest of the country had to bail out sophisticated New York City in the 1980s or so.

  3. Myron Pauli

    It is a pity that the worshippers of our ethanol-loving Messiah, Barry Hussein, are so lacking in humor. At least Obama must have some humor as evidenced by his attendance at Chicago’s # 1 comedy club, the Trinity United Church of Christ, for over 20 years.

    Alas, the Husseinis (or are they Obamians or Barackians?) want to have it both ways – reassuring moderate voters that the Messiah is just an old fashioned mainstream Chicago political hack and inspiring younger liberal voters that the Messiah is the birth of Change, New Politics, and other glorious claptrap. And, as the New Yorker pointed out, the McCainiacs want to keep independents, libertarians, conservatives, and Republicans in his camp by spreading Obamaphobia.

    They can all sing one of my songs “Let A Liberal In Your Life” – see:


    However, if we have to put up with a quadrennial battle of Nanny-state hypocrites, we might as well get a good laugh or two in the process.

  4. james huggins

    The Obamas are indeed radicals. I’m shocked that the New Yorker seems to be labeling them as such, but I haven’t read the article.

  5. Barbara Grant

    In case some don’t know, Myron Pauli’s lyrics were a take-off on “Let a Woman in Your Life,” talk-sung by Rex Harrison playing Professor Henry Higgins in my favorite musical, “My Fair Lady,” winner of the Best Picture Oscar for 1964 (or was it 1963?)

    Professor Higgins also has an axe to grind regarding the English language: “Why Can’t the English Teach their Children How to Speak?” is the first musical passage in this story, in which he also avers: “There are even places where English completely disappears…in America, they haven’t used it for years!”

    (Apologies about off-topic addition, Ilana.)

  6. Barbara Grant

    To correct my error, above, the lyrics to which Myron pens his satire are indeed titled, “I’m an Ordinary Man.” A great rental, however.

  7. JLE

    Is this a proposed cover or has it already been published? I note the date on the cover is 21 July. I know we are in a different time zone here in SA, but a whole week!? Perhaps a printing error. I agree with Myron Pauli, the Obamas need a sense of humor, they seem to take themselves too seriously. Anyway, as I understand they were not the intended “butt” of the joke.

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