Happy Meal Time for US Students


“Happy Meal Time for US Students” is my new column. Here is an excerpt:

“Barack Obama has promised America’s miseducated Millenials to keep the student-loan bubble from bursting. Campaigning in Iowa, the president vowed to keep college affordable, because, like every other welfare and warfare program, it “is at the heart of who we are.”

Interest rates for Federal Stafford Loans are set to double from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent, on July 1. You just know how bad things are when a socialized financial market like student loans attempts to correct itself. Nevertheless, if the glut of miseducation is to be curbed, higher interest rates are healthy.

Why the president’s promise? The Twenty-Sixth Amendment, smuggled into the Constitution by statute, artificially swelled the ranks of Democratic voters by millions of eighteen-, nineteen-, and twenty-year-olds. While they don’t work for a living, youngsters get to vote for dibs on the livelihood of those who do.

It’s Happy Meal time for the nation’s students….”

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4 thoughts on “Happy Meal Time for US Students

  1. My RON-PAUL i

    A smattering of relevant and useful mind-expanding offerings for the next Trader Joe’s clerk (in this case, several different departments from the online catalogue of Ohio University):

    Black Men and Masculinities; Postmodern Blackness: Identity and Culture in Contemporary African American Literature; Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective; Lesbian and Gay Literature; Writing About Culture and Society; Sociology of Sport; Deviant Behavior; Sociology of Poverty;
    Global Feminisms; Women, Gender, and Rock and Roll; American Environmental History; Women in Medieval Europe; Pop/High Culture in 20th Century America; Diversity Issues in Research and Clinical Practice;
    Foundations and Theory in Child Life; Gender, Environment, and Development; Globalization and the Developing World; Building Cross-National Alliances; English as a Second Language Teaching Practicum

  2. George Pal

    “The second highest source of income [for nonprofits] is government grants or contracts.”

    I’m assuming George Soros is the first.

    Future John Smiths would be better served if our institutions of higher earning would offer a relevant graduate degree program for those wishing a career in NGOs, nonprofits, and community organizing – an MA in Exaction.

  3. FUBAR Nation (Ben)

    Looks like on the WND some brainwashed idiot thinks you don’t want education because you don’t support turning my generation into life long debt slaves. I’m sick of people like this who think just wanting to be left alone is the height of selfishness, despite the fact that I can document extensively how the government is destroying this economy and trying to prevent people like me from trying to start businesses due to massive amounts of red tape, high taxes and idiotic regulations.

    Here’s an example: just a few days ago the department of labor put out a regulation, which they then retracted due to a massive protest, that prevented farm kids from doing chores on family farms. Tell me, how is that going to improve the economy? I’ll tell you how to improve the economy. Kick Hilda Solis, the secretary of labor, out of her job and close down the department of labor.

  4. Rebel without a Clause

    Yes, it’s another instance of group-entitlement vote buying, financed by more and more debt. Still, some of that “education” loan money is being spent on useful things. Keg parties, for instance.

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