UPDATE II: Racial Rogering?

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Amassed is a critical mass of images in which TSA workers, very often members of a protected species (a minority), are feeling up and humiliating white Americans. My naive, liberal-minded readers insist that absolutely no racial animus is involved in the ongoing rogering at the nation’s airports. Yet not one of these readers has risen to the challenge. And it is this:

Send on footage of TSA agents [black or white] frisking black sisters, black tots, and elderly and crippled black old ladies. We understand probabilities. Blacks, at 12 percent of the population, represent a smaller subset of travelers than whites. But nobody has shown me that, when they travel, blacks too are subjected to the same violative searches by the many brothers and sister of the TSA as are whites.

The latest famous invertebrate to subject himself to this ritual is actor George Clooney.

MINORITY MOLESTER. Parents deliver a gorgeous little girl into the arms of another “minority” molester, who chooses to touch the child inappropriately. The parents look on—and are interviewed about it—instead of walking off. Where is Bill O’Reilly on “The Children”? The news anchor, idiot that she is, mouths that the TSA is following protocol, doing what she must. But this molester has a choice. She does not have to choose this tiny little child as her plaything.

UPDATE I: Weeping four-year-old girl accused of carrying a GUN by TSA officers after she hugged her grandmother while passing through security.

UPDATE II: “Family Misses Flight After TSA Gives Pat-Down To Girl With Cerebral Palsy.”.

As a mother—as a human being with a heart—it is particularly hard seeing children subjected to the cruelty of strangers. Watching footage of the kids down whose miniature trousers TSA goons have been reaching is heartbreaking.

As I advised in ‘It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp,’ “Footage of the victims is everywhere, but the agents—the stars in these horror films—remain nameless and faceless. Name, shame, and dissociate from them.”

9 thoughts on “UPDATE II: Racial Rogering?

  1. JP

    It would be very entertaining to watch someone with faux tourette’s syndrome being patted down…

  2. james huggins

    Yes, it’s a shame. But white Americans, especially those below the age of 50 have been subjected to a “Blacks don’t have to follow the rules” culture all their lives. Most of these Whites don’t even think about protesting.

  3. George Pal

    Legitimate authority may be identified as requiring exceptional training, discipline, judgment, and by a reluctance to exercise it. Both the TSA and the flotsam of a disintegrating society it has employed and equipped with latex gloves convince no-one it is anything but yet another government criminal enterprise – of the baser sort. Every society has its stupid and sordid elements but only the decadent and dying make a government department of them.

  4. JD Hicks

    Obama has his private army can you say TSA ? He will continue TSA’s mission creep as their powers increase,and when some or all are given sworn peace officer status and you can bet they won’t demand a citizen review board. JD

  5. lonegranger

    As sure as water is a slave to gravity, so do humans crave (and abuse) authority.

    None of the behavior exhibited by any type of law enforcement unit is unexpected – at least not by the enablers, government. Like it or not, the activity witnessed is “normal” human!

    Mediocre intelligence amply seasoned with conditioning and sprinkled with a dash of immunity surely is a savory recipe for Creme d’Psychotica.

    Google “Milgram Yale” and “Zimbardo Stanford” to see what might linger under that sack of skin you call “mom”!

  6. lonegranger

    Correct me where I go wrong here.

    In American society, uninvited genital palpation is considered poor etiquette.

    Suppose Walmart were to replace all their Greeters with TSA personnel having the same sanctions as their airport TSA bros and sisters. Would customers continue shopping there or would they seek alternative and often less convenient markets?

    What kind of parent (ir)rationalizes the complete abandonment of their children’s welfare to some anonymous, arbitrary authority so as to maintain some, perhaps, irrelevant lifestyle?

    Even barnyard moms are more protective!

  7. My RON-PAUL i

    I used to tell my daughter Anna when she (or both of us) flew that she had to go through the machine so they could tell whether or not she was a 6 foot 4 Moslem nut with a beard named Osama bin Laden. Not sure that Anna understood that at the time but the TSA still doesn’t get it. [LOL]

    On the other hand, they have worked perfectly against the flip-flop threat, the hidden gun in the teddy bear threat, the 95 year old diaper threat, the yogurt threat, the toothpaste threat, the toddler threat and numerous other absurdities. And, like the proverbial Germans, the TSA are “properly following procedures”. God bless our procedures – this is what makes us the Land of the Free.

    All of this violates any common sense, human dignity, and the 4th Amendment but this country could care less. At best, I get to amuse people telling how I flunked the nudie scanner TWICE and the complete grope TWICE and got detained for an hour with my biometric Navy ID while on the way to lecture on aircraft survivability! If I can’t stop the insanity, I might as well just laugh at it.

  8. lonegranger

    In one-time Germany, Jews resigned themselves to transportation on the Ovine Express to realize a different life style.

    Arbeit macht frei, Frau My Ron-Paul!

  9. Mike

    Only good thing about the confrontational, incompetent attitude of the largely black and Hispanic TSA creatures at big city airports is that it highlights the gross violation of passenger’s natural rights. The small, rural airports (many of which have pornoscanners) staffed by “polite” white creatures might mask the same said abuse.

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