Hiring The Best People, POTUS? Start By Firing The Family And The Fashion Models

Donald Trump,Family,Foreign Policy

Sadly, it’s true. The one vow Trump made that “went the way of many campaign promises” was candidate “Donald Trump’s promised to hire only ‘the best people.'” (“Land of the flee: Staffing the White House,” The Economist.)

For example, there are now two former models—with no particular gifts or qualifications other than their guile and good looks—in senior positions in the White House: Ivanka Trump and Hope Hicks.

The First Daughter is conducting diplomacy with South Korea, no less. Ivanka is as qualified as her silly husband is to meddle in the Middle East. But at least Jared Kusher is a mute. He doesn’t speak.

“Ivanka Trump Briefed South Korea President on North Korea Sanctions Despite Reportedly Lacking Permanent Security Clearance,” blared a 2/23/18 Newsweek headline. Never mind security clearance. Steve Bannon attested that Ivanka Trump was as “dumb as a brick.”

And you can take that to the bank.