How Black South Africans 'Deal' With Illegal Immigrants


Blacks, who now rule the South African roost, “deal” with illegal immigrants and foreigners, shall we say differently to the way Americans do. And white South Africans did. Under minority rule this cruelty did not occur. Neither did illegal immigrants dare brave the ferocious Afrikaner border guards and their assistants: four-legged predators. Yep, Africa moves in mysterious ways. (But the Minute Men are maligned much more than these killers of newcomers!!)

I’ve ventured into the township of Alexandra, in which some of the killings are now underway. It’s about 3 kilometers from the once-magnificent, very wealthy suburbs of Sandton and Morningside, where my father had a synagogue. Shopping in Sandton City used to be out of this world.

Notice how Goodly Helen, like most members of the liberal media, resorts to the passive voice to catalogue the rioters’ crimes: Helen says the “unrest has killed” all those illegals; no, Helen, the killers killed them.

Over to Helen Long of Reuters:

“May 19 – A wave of xenophobic attacks escalated in South Africa’s seething townships, with mobs beating and murdering foreigners.

The unrest has killed more than 20 people since it began last week and increased political instability at a time South Africa is struggling with dire power shortages, rising inflation and growing disaffection among the poor over President Thabo Mbeki’s pro-business policies. Police fired rubber bullets at rioters in communities around Johannesburg and in the central business district, where scores of foreigners live. High levels of poverty, crime and unemployment have fuelled resentment toward foreigners. Since the end of apartheid South Africa has become a magnet for millions of African immigrants escaping poverty and persecution.”

4 thoughts on “How Black South Africans 'Deal' With Illegal Immigrants

  1. Myron Pauli

    “… millions of African immigrants escaping poverty and persecution.” –
    does this imply that black majority rule by such great Liberators as Robert Mugabe is not as nice as the evil paleface colonialists??

    And, come to think of it, what is it about South Africa that made it more prosperous than nearly all the rest of Africa { that’s a bonus question }.

    Oh that dreadful UNREST!!!
    And white SETTLERS! Poor Africa.

    { on the other hand, presumably some South African court did not rule that illegal immigrants are “entitled” to free education, health care, etc. }

  2. EN

    “President Thabo Mbeki’s pro-business policies.”

    It’s also apparent that Mbeki’s pro-business policies are responsible for power shortages, inflation and growing disaffection amongst the poor. It couldn’t be that past anti-business policies led to any of those maladies. No sirree.

  3. Roger Chaillet

    “Why did your family leave South Africa?”

    “Because they saw the handwriting on the wall.”

    I remember this question well. I asked it of a young college coed I knew years ago. She was attending the same university. Her family was originally from Rhodesia, and had moved to South Africa. Then they left South Africa, and moved to the States. The conversation was 30 years ago!

    Needless to say she was white.

  4. Roger Chaillet

    Wait till the Chinese finish recolonizing Africa.

    They won’t give a damn about AIDS, deforestation or anything else.

    After all, they’re not self-hating Westerners.

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