Left Libertarian Tries Hard To Shed Light on Fake News, But Sheds Only Darkness

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On the Trump-Acosta relationship, Reason magazine’s Katherine Mangu Ward writes the usual light, breezy commentary, lacking in gravitas, typical of left-libertarians.

Her eyes are wide shut in wonderment: Fake News Media? What? Where? What’s that?

Via the NYTimes, naturally

Even after two years of this administration, it is alarming to hear a president refer to the press as “the enemy of the people” and to consistently attack and undermine the media as it tries to hold him to account. It’s especially jarring when he singles out individual reporters for criticism.

No wonder Ms. Mangu-Ward got my award for the stupidest statement made to Saint Tucker Carlson, last year, in favor of a border-less America.

She told Tucker that, “If we had a billion people in America, America would be unstoppable. That would be amazing.”
There’s a method to the open-border religion, preached, invariably, from the alternate universe of the TV studio or creature comforts of a stately home.