UPDATED: Nothing Like A Peace Proposal to Out Warmakers (Like The Wicked Witch Of The East)

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In Libya, our murderous efforts brought the National Transitional Council to power, under whose rule massacres are a daily occurrence. (147 people dead today. “Inter-tribal clashes” is how the West is finessing the carnage.)

The West’s Libyan learning curve is about to crest in Syria, as the Us and its conniving (far smarter) Saudi pals are considering assistance to the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA).

As RT reported, “Damascus has accepted Kofi Annan’s six-point plan to stop bloodshed in the country, a spokesman for the UN envoy to Syria announced… the Syrian government was willing to cooperate with Koffi Annan’s peace plan to ‘remove all excuses’ for possible international intervention.”

On the other hand, “the Syrian opposition refuse to accept any resolution that does not stipulate Assad’s removal, claiming that his acceptance of Annan’s 6-point proposal is merely an attempt to draw out the conflict.”

Meantime, at the “Friends of Syria” summit, which should be more honestly tagged “Friends of Syrian Rebels Summit (Allah bless their bonny heads),” The Hildebeest and her Saudi handlers debated the ultimatums to be presented to the Assad regime before overthrowal.

UPDATE (April 3): “THE WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST,” writes says Michael S. Rozeff, at LRC.COM, “has signaled the policy shift of the U.S. to bring down the current Syrian government by saying ‘We believe Assad must go…’ What is she brewing up to bring this about? This is a now familiar pattern. It was after Obama said the same thing about Gaddafi that the Empire went into high gear to remove him.”

The complete CBS quote of the Hildebeest’s words:

“We believe Assad must go, that the killing must stop. The sooner we get into a process that ends up there, the better.”

Clinton seems to have a major obsession about bringing the sufferers of the world under her “healing” ministrations. Another “War of the Womb.”

Jacqueline Kennedy was so smart; she said women should not be in politics. They are too emotional. (Later on she was forced to retract, as revealed in the audio recordings of Mrs. Kennedy’s historic 1964 conversations with historian Arthur Schlesinger, on life with John F. Kennedy. I am currently listening to the tapes—and to her mesmerizing voice—in the car.)

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: Nothing Like A Peace Proposal to Out Warmakers (Like The Wicked Witch Of The East)

  1. james huggins

    With obvious diplomatic buffoons like Obama, Hillary, etc. advancing a foreign policy with no rhyme nor reason those snakes in the Muslim world must chuckle daily at our ineptitude.

  2. Robert Glisson

    Actually, it sounds like a repeat of 1930-1940, East Europe gobble up between the Germans and Russians. This time the Russians are on the defensive. Still the same game though.

  3. Rebel Without a Clause

    Looked at DEBKA a few hours ago…Israelis seem to think its game over for the FSA, Sunni’s, Muslim Bro in Syria. From their own viewpoint – cutting Hezbollah’s Shia land supply line from Iran, they’re writing this one off as a flat loss. Sorry, Hilary.

  4. My RON PAUL i

    I notice that Libya and Egypt have turned into wonderful Utopias now that they have been treated with a dose of Democracy….

    Ironically, if Hussein and Ghaddaffi and Mullah Omar had been dumped by the internal efforts of the Iraqis/Libyans/Afghans, the resulting government would have a far greater semblance of “legitimacy” than being “assisted” by Uncle Sam.

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