Property-Rights Obliterator Cyril Ramaphosa Is A New Party Boss In The Dominant-Party State Of South Africa. No Reason To Party.

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“A disastrous president is shown the door. Now for the clean-up,” writes one of the otherwise intelligent generic writers at The Economist. (These excellent, humble journalists omit the names on their always-edifying reports.) This Pollyanna-like pablum is in the February 17 issue.

Enough of the ahistoric deception! “In Africa, You Oust A Tyrant, But Not Tyranny:

Nobody with a modicum of cerebral agility should see in the new South-African Strong Man, union boss-cum-tycoon Cyril Ramaphosa, a significant change of the guard. There’s a reason Ramaphosa riles crowds at a South African Communist Party rally just as easily as he excites the head of Goldman Sachs’s South Africa office. (For a clue, ask yourselves how a union boss becomes a tycoon.)
Yet in the tradition of dimming debate, the chattering class has reduced systemic corruption in South Africa and near collapse in Zimbabwe, respectively, to the shenanigans of two men: Jacob Zuma and Robert Mugabe. …

By the way, Cyril Ramaphosa’s promise of “land redistribution through expropriation without compensation” is also the ANC’s vow in 1994. Now he is delivering, as fools continue to celebrate the crowning of a billionaire and an ex-union thug (Ramaphosa).

Boldly libertarian, but doable, the solutions are in “Into The Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa.

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Or the version for nerds: “In Africa, You Oust A Tyrant, But Not Tyranny.