UPDATED: Russians Voted; The West Objects (The Two-Party Fraud)

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Russians voted. International monitors approved the rambunctious process as the fairest so far. Having failed in egging on a “successful,” “color-coded or plant-based revolution” in Russia, the know-it-all, monolithic media of the West have expressed the standard contempt about Vladimir Putin’s overwhelming majority, calling the victory a “stolen election.” Way to go.

Russians, a naturally nationalistic people, like the hardcore Putin, and do not apprecaite the NATO attempt to “demote it, weaken it geopolitically or undermine its defensive potential.”

UPDATE: THE TWO-PARTY FRAUD. In “The Cannibal In Chronicles” post, I recommended Tom Fleming’s “Daily Mail Blog” (which I cannot link to directly because of some code in the “British” link that throws IlanaMercer/com’s home page). About the West vs. Russia, Fleming writes this:

Everyone knew that Putin was going to win, and even anti-Putin pollsters admitted he would get at least 60% of the vote, which would be a landslide in an American election. But, cry the pundits, Putin has the support of the peasantry. The smart people in the cities who can watch the BBC and read the New York Times–the people who really count in any country–they are holding spontaneous anti-Putin demonstrations. Pro-Putin demonstrators are either state employees doing a job or mere yokels. In other words, Russia=the USA, where only rubes and crazies would support Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul.
The pundits, long in advance, were also predicting corruption and irregularities, as they always do whenever the the US regime disapproves of election results. The fall-back position is that Putin and his cronies rigged the election in advance by restricting the pool of candidates. …
merican elections have never been clean. Nevertheless, the sauce for the Russian goose cannot be ladled on the American gander. This is especially clear in the case of the charge that Putin’s party rigged the election in advance by restricting the pool of candidates. Here in America, we call this manoeuvre the primary system.
In our two-party party state, ballot access for third party candidates is very restricted. After all, only Democrats and Republicans were involved in writing federal and state election laws. There is no mention political parties in the Constitution, and while two political coalitions emerged very early–the faction of Hamilton versus the faction of Jefferson–they did not function as political parties in the later sense. There were no chairmen, party lines, or caucuses to enforce discipline on independent-minded members of Congress or state legislatures.

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5 thoughts on “UPDATED: Russians Voted; The West Objects (The Two-Party Fraud)

  1. Nebojsa Malic

    It’s another blow to the virtual universe in which the U.S. decides who and what is democratic (or is that Democratic?) and who is allowed to vote for whom. I still think democracy is overrated, but kudos to the Russians for choosing to actually be free, rather than return to the “freedom” they “enjoyed” under the puppet Yeltsin.

  2. Dennis

    I have always been told and have frequently read that DOMESTIC QUARRELS, e.g fights involving husband & wife, siblings vs siblings, and Hatfields vs McCoys, are the most dangerous for the P-O-L-I-C-E who respond to the situations.

    So, when will we in he West learn to mind our business?

  3. David Smith

    Yep, meddling Yankee-ism! We know better how to mind your business.

  4. Robert Glisson

    Approximately 34 AD or CE, a mob clambered for the death of a Jew. The Roman’s accepted the demands of the mob as speaking for the nation of Judea; and Christianity was born. Today, if you can get a mob, no matter how small, to holler for the president of a country to be replaced; the US will consider the mob to be speaking for the populace and do everything in its power to destroy that government. Two thousand years and we haven’t learned a thing.

  5. My RON-PAUL i

    With the corporations and unions and semi-government outfits and media suckups all working for and contributing to selected candidates who get the ballot access and coverage, our elections are marginally more honest than Russia’s – great. But this is like saying I would rather be robbed by a Jewish pickpocket than a Catholic pickpocket. Is an honestly elected thug a great improvement over a hereditary thug??

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