My Family Would’ve Been Barred From The US Without Mega Skills

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My Family would’ve not been permitted to immigrate to the US had we met Donald Trump’s new immigration criteria. These are:

* Establish reality on the ground (gritty, man!), illegally until amnestied.
* Obey all the other laws, except immigration and labor laws.
* Get a low-skills job, commensurate with meager abilities.
* Receive more in government reimbursements than you contribute to the economy over a lifetime—someone with low skills might work hard, but overall, his existence is subsidized by taxpayers throughout his lifetime.

No! If the principal in our family had been without that Extraordinary Abilities 0-1 Visa and had been unable to prove—via patents, work record and testimonials vetted à la the First World—that he had skills unique and needed in the US—we would not be here. We left so many good people behind, in South Africa, who’ll never be allowed (for example) to so much as farm in the US, because white, poor, Christian and without desirable college degrees. I know South Africans who’d gladly sell their farms in SA and come and work on farms in the US. They’re far more culturally compatible, but they’re not as politically cuddly as the cohort Trump is told to court. You know why.

Media are referencing a townhall with Sean Hannity to accuse Mr. Trump of pivoting in a new direction on immigration. Media might have a case. Via TIME:

… asked whether Trump would support changing the law to “accommodate those people that contribute to society, have been law-abiding, have kids here,” Trump replied in the affirmative.

“There certainly can be a softening because we’re not looking to hurt people,” Trump said. “We want people—we have some great people in this country.”

Trump, who has previously called for a “deportation force,” suggested he would not try to toughen the existing immigration statutes, calling the lawmaking process “brutal.”

“We want to follow the laws, you know, we have very strong laws in this country,” Trump said. “And you know Bush, and even Obama, sends people back. Now we can be more aggressive on that but we want to follow the laws. If you start going around trying to make new laws in this country it’s a process that’s brutal. We want to follow the laws of this country, and if we follow the laws we can do what we have to do.”

Trump’s new position appears to be an embrace of the status quo, in which those in the U.S. illegally with criminal histories are prioritized for deportation, but no action is taken to push forward with comprehensive reform. …

Is Trump Going Limp on Immigration? Naturally

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In my libertarian book of Trump, “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed,” I credit Trump so far only with breaking stuff that needs breaking, prying open The Political Spoils System as never before, getting it to rattle as in a death rattle, we hope. That’s all.

Katie Pavlich of is right: the signs of softening were there all along. But contrary to what Ms. Pavlcih writes, these signs were not, in my opinion, the opinions Trump shared as his pre-political persona.

Rather, the ominous signs were in Trump’s firing of good people, in his hiring of rubbish, and in his heeding what I term the family’s Pink Brigade or faction.

MORE Ms. Pavlich.

Discussion on Ilana Mercer Facebook.

The Rats Climbing Back On The Trump Ship Will Sink It

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Wayne Allyn Root, another libertarian as fake as Gary Johnson and the Red Eye show’s “libertarian” guests, claims the Steve Sailer strategy as his own, in the column “This Angry White Male Thinks Key to Trump Victory Is…Black Voters!” Root then goes on to make the same tired old GOP case: Start pandering to identity group militants.

With all their baggage, the failed GOPers and assorted establishmentarians are climbing back on the Trump ship they deserted. What with KellyAnne Conway, formerly of the Cruz campaign and pollster to the establishment—I am no longer positive about Trump’s direction.

Neoconservative John Bolton says “Yes, I’m Voting For Trump and If He’s Looking For A Secretary Of State–I’d Deeply Consider It.” War and nation building here we come.

CNN Anchor Huffs Over Hillary’s Health & Vitality

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CNN’s Brianna Keilar raises Hillary Clinton’s health on air with Trump supporter Republican Congressman Sean Duffy. She then argues vigorously for HER candidate’s vitality: “Nah, Ms. Clinton doesn’t cough much.” Yeah, she Keilar has observed Hillary campaigning more energetically than Trump. “Why is Trump in red states?” (But no, “Why is Hillary in blue states”). A true advocate for Hillary is Keilar.

Ostensibly a reporter, Keilar also griped about the “right-wing press.” And she instructs Duffy: “I’m telling you how it is.” You can see Duffy veer between wanting to speak the truth to the stupid pouting girl, and, on the other hand, flattering her about the power and glory of her program. Duffy is part of “the New York-Washington axis of power.” More than in truth, he is vested in keeping his perch and being invited to return to Brianna Keilar’s CNN show.

Brianna’s sister-in-arms is Poppy Harlow (the ‘t’ is silent):