Corona Virus: No Restrictions On Arrivals From Italy, Japan & Other Outbreak Countries

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The US has no restrictions on arrivals from some hot spots of the Corona Virus outbreak. Passenger screening from those source countries—Italy, for instance—is lackluster to put it mildly.

How do we know this? Not from Fox News, but from Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City.

The progressive mayor recommended that “travel restrictions … be extended to include more countries.”

“Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand. Anyone needs to be screened and if they have symptoms they need to be quarantined,” de Blasio said.

Who would have expected one of the most progressives officials in the country to voice such a sensibly conservative sentiment!

On the other hand, Fox News is cheering indiscriminately and unproductively for everything President Trump does, or doesn’t do, on the COVID-19 front. By so doing, the faithful at Fox are inadvertently harming Americans.

So, we arrive at a paradoxical position where a progressive like de Blasio is first to say what needs to be said!

Most liberal media are lamenting a reduction of travel from China and energetically conjuring counter-intuitive reasons as to why all travel restrictions somehow exacerbate epidemics.

The CDC and NIH officials have generally been mum on travel restrictions into the US, issuing only “travel advisories.”

That conservatives (other than Tucker Carlson) are not covering matters touching on insufficient screening at airports is shameful and counterproductive. It feeds into the distrust of Republican media.

Now, that’s the mindset of a pathologically liberal nation! The free flow of anything into the US must not be disrupted even when such promiscuous liberalism might be lethal.

Note how liberals use the same arguments to advocate against borders and against erecting barriers to disease transmission.

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NEW: It’s Not Identity Politics, It’s Anti-White Politics

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Writes reader Bruno Rosacker at WND: “Leave it to a paleolibertarian like Ilana Mercer to have the guts to expose the scam of ‘identity politics’ as nothing but anti-white racism.”

Text and video of “It’s Not Identity Politics, It’s Anti-White Politics” are on WND and The Unz Review.

* Image courtesy WND.

NEW COLUMN: America Has A Con-woman In Congress, But Where’s The Law?

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NEW COLUMN is at Here is an excerpt from “America Has A Con-woman In Congress, But Where’s The Law?“:

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, which Americans are meant to trust with matters of life and death, is unable—or unwilling—to confirm whether Representative Ilhan Omar perpetrated fraud by marrying her brother, Ahmed Elmi, to enable him to obtain the coveted Green Card, thus granting him permanent-resident status in the U.S., and a path to citizenship. But the agency is said to be “investigating.”

Conversely, the Daily Mail, a British tabloid, had little difficulty gathering a critical mass of facts, enough to conclude that, in 2009, Omar did indeed secretly wed said sibling. The newspaper, and anyone else suggesting the same, has yet to be sued by Omar. Could the story be true?

As it happens, a Somali community leader has also outed Ilhan Omar as an outlaw. Abdihaikm Osman Nur contends that the Somali-born representative from Minnesota “had indeed married her brother.” So reported Tucker Carlson, a Fox News anchor.

Despite “a lack of paperwork in war-torn Somalia,” which complicates an investigation and a definitive determination, the British tabloid dug up the requisite information that the FBI has yet to release. The young man whom Omar is alleged to have married certainly bears a remarkable resemblance to the congresswoman. They’re both … pretty (although Elmi looks happier and a lot more festive).

It was in August of 2016 that Mr. Nur, aforementioned, seconded the story first published by Scott Johnson, of the Powerline blog: Omar had married her sibling, ostensibly to allow him to stay in the U.S.  As the Daily Mail had relayed, Mr. Nur took issue with Omar’s alleged marriage-cum-immigration fraud. It would appear that the British tabloid was more vested in the truth, as this patriotic Somali told it, than was the FBI.

To date, these are the facts on the fraud alleged to have been committed by a member of the U.S congress. Yet nobody is likely to do more than mutter at the striking absence of scruples in Ilhan Omar. For not only does she appear to flout the law, but she also offends sensibilities: Omar had first married Ahmed Hirsi, father of her children, in 2002. Bigamy and incest (even if the relationship is unconsummated) are cultural taboos.

Contrast Omar’s treatment in the U.S. with the manner in which the Dutch government treated a lesser form of immigration fraud committed by another Somali, Dutch lawmaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  …

… THE REST of “America Has A Con-woman In Congress, But Where’s The Law?” can be read at


UPDATED (2/26): Corona Virus: When In Doubt Just How Remiss YOUR Government Is, See What Israel Is Doing

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“Israel is among the countries that responded most dramatically to the Corona Virus outbreak; many others—the USA, for example—found mainly travel warnings to be sufficient.

When in doubt about just how remiss YOUR government is, see what Israel is doing—despite China being Israel’s second-largest trading partner, and despite its liberal “think tanks” advising otherwise.

Jerusalem Post:

… In recent weeks, Israel has closed its doors to more and more of eastern Asia, starting with China, continuing to Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Thailand, and as of Sunday, South Korea and Japan, in response to the coronavirus’s spread through the continent and beyond. … “These countries have to understand our motivations. At this time, we have to take steps to defend Israel against the coronavirus, because public health is most important.”

Israeli non-thinking thank tank:

Jerusalem Institute for Security Studies researcher Alex Pevzner explained that “the government and people of China are very sensitive to their image and standing in the world. If Chinese citizens read that Israel closed off its borders to the Chinese, it reflects negatively on the [Israeli] government.” …

* Image courtesy Al Jazeera.Corona Virus outbreak: Israel blocks arrivals from Seoul.

UPDATE (2/26):

Israel has done the smartest thing re Corona: total ban on incoming travelers … “and blocked foreign travelers from ALL affected regions from entering. Here in the U.S., #CDC officials dodged questions on expanding travel restrictions and screening.” Israel is also ” … conducting boot camps to train hospital personnel in more rigorous infection control.”