#TulsiGabbard Is Not A Total Ass

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Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is an Iraq War veteran, who serves on Armed Services Committee. She is also a Democrat, which usually comes with the presumption of asininity. This woman, however, is not a complete ass. Here she touches on some of the themes of my current WND column as to why the Iraqi military would not fight, although she eventually stalls:

WOLF BLITZER: Because you make a good point. There’s – the Kurdish fighters, they have their own separate militia. The Sunni – Iraqi Sunni fighters, they have their own separate militia. There’s the Iraqi Shia. They’re largely backed by Iran. They have their own separate militia. They’re all pretty – pretty dedicated. The weakest link seems to be the central Iraqi army, which the defense secretary of the United States says simply has the – lacks the will to fight, yet the United States keeps supporting that weakest link, the central military of Iraq. That’s a problem from your perspective, isn’t it?

REP. TULSI GABBARD (D), HAWAII:: Yes, Wolf, it is a problem for a few different reasons. One is, this is a strategy that’s proven to have failed, not only recently, but really even through the Bush administration when we had Maliki in charge, we were providing weapons and money and resources to this Shiite-led government that persecuted the Sunnis, completely left them out, and really created the situation that we see today where you have ISIS taking advantage of the oxygen that this policy has created where the Sunni tribes essentially have been driven into the arms of ISIS for protection. This is the problem that I see with the current offensive that’s happening right now heading into Ramadi. This is being led by the Shia militia who named this offensive attack a name that is extremely incendiary and offensive specifically to the Sunni tribes. So this is only going to make the sectarian divides deepen. This will make matters worse. And ultimately, again, this will push the Sunni tribes closer and closer into ISIS’ arms, at the end of the day strengthening ISIS rather than defeating them.

For the rest, she’s an energetic interventionist, so a bit of an ass after all. But then so are most Republicans.

(Source: CNN.)

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More #WomenInTheMilitary Equals More #Welfare Programs

Feminism, Gender, Military, Welfare

Capt. Courtney Wilson was unhappy in her duties until the military “just threw resources at me,” she told Babbling Brooke, “news” anchor at CNN, a job description that entails promoting the notion that “We … want more women to enter the forces,” to quote Brooke Baldwin.

Waxed Wilson: [The military] stepped up and they gave me amazing resources there like do you want biofeedback, do you want to do yoga, medication, therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, just threw resources at me and I could not be happier with the service that I received. It absolutely — it gave me my life back.

BALDWIN: Wonderful. That’s wonderful. We know that and want more women to enter, you know, the forces. So I guess what would your message be to women wanting to sign up today?

WILSON: I would say, be authentic. I think that I spent way too much time caring about what other people thought and what type of leader they wanted me to be rather than understanding that I was competent and I was good and to just be myself. I wish that I had been more authentic.

BALDWIN: Quickly, I know you’re out now. What’s next for you?

WILSON: So I actually started my own fitness business. And I’m going to Babson College in Massachusetts to get my MBA. So hopefully open up a nonprofit gym that focuses on young women, and just getting them to understand the value of fitness and see how strong they are and lo for that to be led by female veterans.

BALDWIN: I love that idea. I love that idea.

WILSON: Thank you.

BALDWIN: Captain Wilson, thank you so much. Thank you so much for your service to this country …


Personally, I won’t be happy until my tax dollars go toward more than just “biofeedback, yoga, medication, therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy” for the women in the military. What about dolphin therapy? I hope we bought Captain America a pet as well.

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Dumb, Duplicitous Techno Geeks On #Facebook

Etiquette, Intelligence, Internet, Technology

Techno geeks can be such dumb f-cks (a good honest word when used sparingly). This is especially so when they know nothing but technology. And it is all the more so when they routinely underestimate those of us who manipulate technology to our own ends quite adequately, but do not worship it.

Every idiot knows that one can remain a Facebook Friend with a former pal, just to keep up appearances (otherwise known as duplicity), while barring them from one’s Timeline and from other forums. Don’t you love cretins who think this fatuity is uncommon knowledge?

Most of this writer’s interactions on Facebook are for the purpose of furthering the work done and are with people interested in this work. But mistakes have been committed in cultivating shallow, two-faced friends (who know the price of everything and the value of nothing, to quote Oscar Wilde).

Enough said.

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#AnnCoulter: ‘There Was No America Before The #Settlers’ (Who Were No #Immigrants)


When instructed by a polite enough immigration propagandist that she and her family came from another country, just like his, Ann Coulter retorted: “I didn’t come from another country! My family came from America because there was no America until they came. The first people to come to America in the 1600s created this country.”


Also appreciated is the way Ms. Coulter firmly defused the attempts by an immigration activist at emotional blackmail and obfuscation. To the “let’s hug” from a member of the audience, she replied, “No, let’s get to the question.”

Her points have been made by the folks at VDARE (and by this writer) for years, but it is formidable to have Ann Coulter finally join the immigration fray.

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Defense Secretary #AshtonCarter’s #Iraq No-Brainer

Iran, Iraq, John McCain, Military, Nationhood, Pseudo-history, Republicans

John McCain will be rising on his hind legs when he hears what US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has just said. The rest of the War Party will be irate too–even more so than the Iraqi prime minister was (who is he these days? Ah: Haider al-AbadiIt)

What Defense Secretary Carter said is a no-brainer, really; such observations were routine when Bush 43 began swinging the wrecking ball in Iraq. But the War Party is ahistoric—the War party-line is to continue duping ditto-heads into believing that the sorry state of Iraq is Obama’s doing. Not on my watch (having been in the position to witness and document the last 13 years, summed up last week in “Iraq Liars & Deniers: we knew then what we know now”).

So what did Carter say this Memorial Day weekend (a timing armchair warrior Mark Levin is sure to mention)?

Carter said “the rout of Iraqi forces at the city of Ramadi showed they lacked the will to fight against Islamic State. Mr Carter told CNN’s State of the Union the Iraqis ‘vastly outnumbered’ the IS forces but chose to withdraw.” Via BBC News

“What apparently happened is the Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. They were not outnumbered. In fact, they vastly outnumbered the opposing force.”
Describing the situation as “very concerning”, he added: “We can give them training, we can give them equipment – we obviously can’t give them the will to fight.”

In 2006 , the Hildebeest demanded to know when the “Iraqi government and the Iraqi Army would step up to the task?” “I have heard over and over again, ‘the government must do this, the Iraqi Army must do that’,” warbot Clinton complained (and I documented) to Gen. John P. Abizaid, then top American military commander in the Middle East. “Can you offer us more than the hope that the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Army will step up to the task?”

Watch Mrs. Clinton feign amnesia about that TODAY.

Since the 2003 invasion, the Iraqi military has fled before the opposition, whoever that was. The thing we call the Iraqi military has been unable and/or unwilling to fight the wars America wishes it to fight. It did, however, fight and win a war against Iran under Saddam.

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UPDATED: Our #Afrikaner Brethren Must Not Despair (Or Discount #IntoTheCannibalsPot)

Ilana Mercer, IMMIGRATION, Race, Racism, South-Africa

This is a note to an Afrikaner brother, “a farm attack victim, whose wife, friends and many acquaintances” have been murdered. Understandably, he does not think the work done by ex-pats like this writer in his cause is significant. I would venture that this is a perception fed by the fact that this work—book, extensive Articles Archive, ongoing, current Blog coverage, other media, when given the opportunity—is not easily accessible in “free” South Africa, a fact that accounts for why he cannot see the good it does beyond his country. (Example: “Mandela Mum About Systematic Murder Of Whites”)

So, to Ignatius Beyers I say this: Your world is in South Africa (SA). You judge the good of other work by the measure of how many members of your community know about it. But South Africa is a tiny speck on the world stage—and it has become even tinier and more insignificant on that indifferent stage since “freedom.” However, whether you know it or not, activism within SA matters very little to the world. I know it, for I’ve tried to spread the word in an indifferent world. That’s why I wrote “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa.”

Whether you and your community know it or not, the book is being used in litigating the cases of South African refugees across the globe (I hear from their lawyers) and is serving and will serve as a lasting, enduring testament to the history, heritage and patrimony of the Afrikaners.

Afrikaners need SYSTEMATIC THINKERS outside SA to make a cogent case for their rights of self-determinism. This “The Cannibal” does in spades. So while you do not think I do much good because it’s hard to get my work in SA—Amazon doesn’t even sell books in that country; and Amazon, sadly, is more powerful than local Boer activists—we are at the forefront of the struggle on the global stage.

More significantly, “The Cannibal” dismantles the intellectually impoverished accusations of racism-as-raison d’être levied at the Boers; accusations that are deployed to dehumanize Afrikaners to the world. As you know, dehumanization is a means to delegitimize a people’s cause and plight. So do not discount the enduring, intellectual work done in “The Cannibal” to counter such garbage.

If anything, oddball statements made by local South African activists often further alienate that community from the world. I love the activists Mr. Beyers mentioned, but to outsiders who do not apprecaite the culture; their words often come out wrong, if you know what I mean. Thus, it often falls to quieter thinkers like myself to finesses inartful, inadvertently harmful expression. This I did in decrying “The Onslaught Against Steve Hofmeyr.”

While on the topic of delegitimzation (a stage in ethnoocide), Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, president of Genocide Watch, may not be a rowdy activist in South Africa, but his work is immensely important in garnering international attention for the Boer community. He and I both spoke to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation about farm murders.

Raising hell in SA may seem important to people living in the country—and it is mighty important. Unfortunately, what counts in the pinko world is dismantling the libel against the Boers, which is what I’ve done.

Therefore, the people to whom “The Cannibal” is dedicated (to quote: “To my Afrikaner brothers betrayed”) should not discount the enduring testimony “The Cannibal” serves, and the systematic analytical framework it presents of the South African quagmire, down to a history of the Boers and the morality of secession. It is making your case for you where it matters: to an indifferent world community.

You and the under siege-Afrikaner community should flood your local bookstores across South Africa with requests and orders for the new book by Dutch MP Martin Bosma, if indeed it is as promising as Adriana Stuijt’s Censorbugbear claims, for “Into The Cannibal’s Pot” (bookstores can contact its courageous publisher), for the great Dan Roodt’s books, and the output of the aforementioned documentarian Adriana Stuijt, cited in “The Cannibal.” (It is my hope that Ms. Stuijt will produce a periodic publication, for sale on Amazon. A series of these things on Amazon, the largest bookstore in the world, would do wonders.) It’s all about the miraculous division of labor.

On a personal note: Ignatius Beyers, however painful, please email me your story in private (ilana@ilanamercer.com), and I will incorporate it into a WND column. While the libertarian community has been almost as indifferent (and certainly ignorant, as highlighted in “Apartheid South Africa: Reality Vs. Libertarian Fantasy”) as the rest; our good friends in Germany (see: Klein-Amerika an der Spitze Afrikas) may translate it.

Remember: Some work is seen by you and the Afrikaner community because it occurs in your neck of the woods; other work is unseen by you, but is as important.

UPDATE: To Americans who think South Africans are able to simply up and leave: Most people in the US have never lived outside this country. They take for granted EVERYTHING. They don’t get how hard it is to get permission to immigrate legally into the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia. And they don’t get that anything is better than Africa, South America and East Europe, included. These are lower-crime options, where a family doesn’t have to fear daily death. I am kinda tired of addressing these typically insular and cloistered attitudes.

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