The Great Negotiator Promised To Get Americans Good Deals, Not Get Us Blown Up

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After months of “America First,” neoconservatism is enjoying a come-back, thanks to the president.

Sean Hannity’s radio show returned to these roots. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Mr. Hannity debated the North Korean crisis with glee over Mr. Trump’s bellicosity. Mr. Gingrich was once again helping run the world. Making sure Seoul, South Korea, was safe, was an imperative. The two also nattered about working with NATO, if I recall. (Other than courtesy to a friend, why would Mr. Hannity fill his shows with Gingrich?)

Threaten a desperate and patriotic people enough and they and their leader will take desperate measures. It’s not only Americans that get hot for war. Other people experience the same atavistic sentiments.

Not a word did our ex-America Firsters say about, let’s say, Seattle being in North Korea’s line of fire.

The great negotiator promised to get Americans good deals, not get us blown up. President Trump’s gunboat diplomacy will push the mad-hatter of Pyongyang over the edge.

“America First” means looking out for Seattle, not Seoul, POTUS.


Regime change: Anyone who still thinks that way is a danger to the republic.

Cuban missile crisis redux:

Diplomacy, please.

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