The Pain In Bain

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According to Salon’s Glenn Greenwald, a defense of “Bain Capital, Mitt Romney’s former firm,” and “the paragon of capitalist evil,” must be rooted entirely in corrupt self-interest. So there’s not even a smidgen of truth in Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s condemnation of the Obama campaign’s attacks on Bain? How about the other two prominent Democrats to defend Romney and his work? (Read on.)

“Booker went on Meet the Press and angered hordes of Democrats when he condemned the Obama campaign’s attacks on Bain as ‘nauseating,’ equating the anti-Bain messaging to the GOP’s sleazy use of Jeremiah Wright, and then demanding: ‘stop the attacks on private equity’ (in response to the backlash, Booker then released a hostage-like video recanting his criticisms and pledging his loyalty to President Obama).”

Without explaining the mechanism by which the private equity firm achieved this feat, Greenwald asserts further that the likes of Bain Capital are “destroying the middle class in order to enrich greedy vulture oligarchs.” AND, “We also all know that the Democratic Party is the defender of the middle class and the bold adversary of corporate pillaging.”

Do we?

DITTO Deval Patrick. HuffPo uses the same “reasoning”—“a history of ethically questionable connections to financial firms”—to condemn the Massachusetts governor for his defense of the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney [05/31/2012] … during TV appearances.”

“The Democratic politician was supposed to be serving as a surrogate for President Barack Obama. Patrick, who has a history of ethically questionable connections to financial firms, applauded Boston-based Bain Capital, implicitly criticizing the Obama campaign’s attacks on Romney’s record at the private equity firm.”

Patrick is the second Obama surrogate with strong ties to the financial industry to defend Bain, following in the footsteps of Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker, who ignited a week of outrage from Democratic Party strategists for describing the Obama campaign’s slams against Romney’s Bain work as “nauseating.”

AND THEN THERE WERE THREE. One other major Democrat has defended Romney and his job record. “This is good work.” “I don’t think we ought to get in a position where we say this is bad work,” said Bill Clinton.

The DC Decoder’s correspondent floats yet another crazy ad hominem: “Bill may be intentionally sabotaging President Obama in order to set Hillary up for a run in 2016,” which, to her credit, she doesn’t quite buy.

Others suggest the former president simply misspoke. But we don’t buy that either.
Here’s the thing: Clinton’s comments weren’t just “off message.” They were a declaration of war on the message. They underscore a fundamental split within the Democratic Party that’s less about Romney’s record at Bain than it is about whether the party as a whole is perceived as a friend or foe of Wall Street and the world of business and high finance.

4 thoughts on “The Pain In Bain

  1. Rebel Without a Clause

    I don’t know whether Mittens net created or killed jobs at Bain. I do know he’s a confessed believer in “human-induced” global warming, a transparent globalist-socialist meme; a career anti-2nd Amendment gun-grabber who joined the NRA in August 2011 for-election-purposes-only; and Romney invented Oabama-care before there was an Obama. And he’s surrounded by a gang of warmongering neo-conz that make the Bush crowd look like pacifists. In a forced-choice election, I’d vote for Obama.

  2. james huggins

    If one is hard right, as most of us seem to be, of course
    Romney isn’t our man. But right now he’s all we’ve got to work with. To get in a huff because he isn’t pure enough and vote for Obama or not vote at all in some sort protest is muddled thinking at best. To take that tack would be to become a puppet of Democrat propaganda. The first order of business is to beat Obama and his minions. Then we can set to scalding out the Rinos or, with enough time to do things right, start a third party.

  3. james huggins

    As far as Bain is concerned it seems to me that it’s a legitimate business that makes money. Of course that’s a cardinal sin to the left but not to any straight thinking person. I wonder how long the Wall Street fat cats are going to continue sucking one thumb while sitting on the other and absorb the Marxist hate from the Democrat probaganda machine while still shelling out the big bucks when Obama’s bag men sneak in the back door looking for contributions. They may be smart but I wonder how smart.

  4. Myron Pauli

    Greenwald is not a big defender of capitalism but he is an honest man showing the outrageous hypocricy of our Holy Hitman (Messiah Obama) and his Coporate Wall-Street cheering squad!

    It would be bad enough for a “Socialist Party” to attack capitalism but, in the case of Obama, he solicits money from the Wall Street hoodlums to be used to attack Rombama as a Wall Street hoodlum. Of course, his opponent, Obamney, attacks back that the Democrat is trying to bring in “socialized medicine” as distinct from what he did in Taxachusetts as governor.

    It is one big barf-fest with “swing state” Virginia as a battleground for the vomit! Greenwald has been devastating in his attacks on Obama (and used the phrase “partisan lemmings”) for those who denounced Bush’s “War on Terrorism” who now praise King Messiah Obama’s “War on Terrorism”. Even how Obama’s logic mirrors George “Klansman” Zimmerman about people in threat zones “being up to no good”!

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