The Quality of Egyptian Mercy… And Society

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“The concept of a society is based on the quality of its mercy, of its sense of fair play, its sense of justice,” goes that memorable line from the film “Midnight Express” (which surely represented Hollywood at its heyday). The protagonist’s protest against his inhuman and inhumane Turkish jailers was a plea against a merciless authority.

The kind the US and its surrogates (“NATO”) around the world endorse as democratic.

In another word, Egypt.

The new Egypt has demonstrated in spades the quality of its mercy and, by extension, society, by sentencing the “deposed leader Hosni Mubarak” “to life in prison for failing to stop the killing of 900 protesters in January 2011.” (Was that even provable?)

The demonstrating “activists” might want to consider giving old Hosni a sponge bath and reinstating him, rather than condeming an old man to life in prison (or death there, whatever comes first).

Since the ousting of Mubarak, reports BBC News, “Foreign direct investment has reversed from $6.4bn (£4bn) flowing into the country in 2010 to $500m leaving it last year. Tourism, a major revenue generator for the country, has also dropped by a third.”

4 thoughts on “The Quality of Egyptian Mercy… And Society

  1. james huggins

    Tourism? What a chuckle. Name me one place in North Africa, the Persian Gulf area or southern Asia where anybody in their right mind would go as a tourist, except Israel,the Holy Land. Egypt’s tourist trade died with the ascendency of enraged islamic mobs taking over the country. Infidels, that’s us, arent likely to spend hard earned bucks in a place where we might be beheaded because some Iman got out of bed on the wrong side that morning.

  2. My RON PAUL i

    Well, the “brotherhood” candidate Mursi does not want old Hosni to receive any Mursi (I mean MERCY) because he wants him retried to now get the death penalty. So much for double jeopardy. You might think that Egypt is some hack Third World country with no concept of the 5th Amendment – like the United States of America!


    All 6 men on our Supreme Court just threw out a UNANIMOUS jury acquittal to allow a retrial of a man exonerated of first degree murder!

    But Mursi is obviously too soft on Mubarak. He should just order a droned aircraft to just execute him – thus providing Egypt with HOPE-‘N-CHANGE Obama style!

    Governments of the world prefer to act according to the dictates of Mao: “Political Power comes out of the barrel of a gun!!”.

  3. Nick

    I’ve been to Egypt and to Tunisia as a tourist, and lemme tell you. If not for the historical sites and lovely coastlines, nobody would go there. The service is worse than terrible. Can you imagine that I got food poisoning in Egypt and all I got in return from the hotel manager was: ‘Hope your health improves, inshallah.’ He wouldn’t even point me to the nearest pharmacy for some activated carbon (best thing to take during food poisoning). The hotel kitchen wouldn’t provide me with dry toast, even after I offered to pay extra for it. ‘We do not serve dry toast, my friend.’
    I guess Egypt looks better when you’re not puking your guts out in the valley of kings.

    [I have no idea why westerners think these places are any different.]

  4. Myron Pauli

    Some new news report on instability in Libya now messing up its neighbors – Algeria, Tunisia, Chad, Niger, and Egypt. Thank you, LIBERATOR Messiah Obama once again!

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