The Republican Reagan Epiphany

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“Southerners are extremely patriotic,” said Ann Coulter on Fox News Business, while explaining the phenomenon of a Southern Democrat (like Rick Perry), who has always been far more conservative than the northern Republican. “[Southern Democrats] were not going to remain with the party of George McGovern,” observed Coulter, who is, arguably, the Republican Party’s most powerful and most devoted pundit.

That’s a little deceptive. Is it at all possible that the much-maligned Southern Democrat has found it hard to join the party of Abraham Lincoln? Perish the thought!

Ann Coulter says, correctly—and at last—that Ronald Reagan should not be held up as “the touchstone for every [other Republican] candidate.” If only Ms. Coulter was capable of arriving at a similar epiphany about Lincoln, but that would demand too much by way of philosophical integrity.

2 thoughts on “The Republican Reagan Epiphany

  1. Robert Glisson

    Thank you for the video, it reminds me to stay away from Fox Network very well. I note that as always, they are professionals at yellow sheeting. As always, we have to remember that the Republicans were the original Liberals who led this country down the primrose path until the Democrats were able to out-stage the Republicans by being even more liberal. When everything goes down the drain, Republicans won’t be able to point their finger at the Democrats.

  2. Steve Hogan

    Coulter’s main talent seems to be presenting unoriginal thinking in an entertaining way for the rubes to chew on. The woman is an opportunist and a tool.

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