The Trump-In-Decline School Of Alternate Reality


“Reports of Donald Trump’s demise are wildly exaggerated,” said one of the “astringent” minds with life tenure on the DC consultant and pundit circuit. Indeed, the school of thought that has consolidated like an aftershock after the tectonic shift in politics created by Donald Trump comprises the “adviser, strategist and candidate class” we know so well. They create their own reality and force their viewers or listeners to share their parallel universe.

Except that a LOT of Americans are having none-of it.

As was predicted in this space—and well before Monica Crowley awoke (today) to the reality of Trump (on Fox News’ Hannity)—many independents, Reagan Democrats and Southern Democrats are going to flock to Trump.

Likewise, refutations of rumors of the demise of Trump are meaningless, created among people whose intellectual output consists of wishful thinking designed to confirm a world-view friendly to power.

On the other hand, not once has a reliable, non-mainstream analyst outside this sheltered-employment clique ever suggested that Trump would peak, then crash, plateau, then decline or disappear.

DC is having a debate with itself.

As far as Trump is concerned, they can talk to the hand.