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“They have been called everything from the three amigos, the three blind mice and the ‘axis of error’,” RT editorializes. They are “Senators John McCain, Joseph Lieberman and Lindsey Graham,” who “are just about as close as anyone in the US Senate. They travel together, make joint media appearances and seem to sing the same song in their appeals to the American people. That song often revolves around the need for more war.”

And they’re gunning for Iran and Syria.

The origin of the words to the Three blind mice rhyme are based in English history. The ‘three blind mice’ were three noblemen who adhered to the Protestant faith who were convicted of plotting against the Queen – she did not have them dismembered and blinded as inferred in Three blind mice – but she did have them burnt at the stake!(Here)

The moniker doesn’t work for McMussolini and the other two for many reasons, one of which is that the modern-day ignoble trio will come to no harm for their treason.

UPDATE (March the Eighth): How opportune. In his New American column, Jack Kerwick, Ph.D., has a fabulous primer on the strongmen of neoconservative thinking. Pay attention, in particular, to Jack’s meticulous habit of mind in tracing the sin of abstraction in the thinking examined, whereby “reason and morality are dislodged from the flow of history.”

Kerwick concludes:

“… For neoconservatives, reason consists of universal, abstract moral principles in accordance with which societies everywhere must be organized. For conservatives, in glaring contrast, reason and morality are embodied in culturally and historically-specific traditions.”

READ “An Honest Assessment of Neoconservatism.”

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: ‘Three Blind (NEOCONSERVATIVE) Mice’

  1. David Smith

    Except, Miss Ilana, they seem to actually think they’re being loyal and patriotic in all of this, not treasonous. Someone has said that there is nothing worse than a sincere do-gooder (C.S. Lewis maybe?). They feel all the more that they are mandated to do what they’re doing.

  2. My RON-PAUL i

    As awful as Obama has been, I have no regrets about not supporting McMussolini in 2008. That is one of the things with the concept that we have to have a Mitt Romney or some other statist gasbag solely so he can “defeat Obama” (but spend more money on new wars!).

    I like the term “axis of error”. The pathetic fact that there is almost no debate on America monkeying in every two-bit struggle overseas shows how degenerate the mainstream has gotten.

  3. Michael Vickers

    @My Ron-Paul I would agree that air strikes on Libya (or Syria in the future) are two-bit struggles. But, this does not apply to Iran. How can you argue that preventing Iran from starting a nuclear arms race in an area of the world that the industrialized world is heavily dependent on for crude oil is not an imperitive? And, regarding Iran’s current export of terrorism, primarily directed at Isreal, you are disconnected with reality if you think that a nuclear armed Iran won’t someday hand over a nuclear weapon to a terrorist organization with doomsday consequences. The USA made a big mistake on Iraq. But, that doesn’t mean we must rule out any and all military interventions in the future. The civilized world has pressured Iran for many years now, so its not like we haven’t given them plenty of time to reconsider their fallacy.

  4. Myron Pauli

    Kerwick is a bit too philosophical for me. My problem with the neocons is that they invent facts (curveball, mushroom clouds) and distort history (Britain could have crushed Germany in October 1938…).

    I am not talking about ruling out intervention in the future, I am advocating not talking us INTO a military quagmire. Mao babbled about taking hundreds of millions of casualties and aided the Koreans and Vietnamese and Indonesian commies … – and got the Big Bad BOMB – but we did not go to direct War with them. Stalin blockaded Germany and funded revolutions in Greece and Turkey, pulled a coup d’etat with Czechoslovakia, and funded sympathetic communist parties all over the West – but we didn’t go into World War III. But somehow IRAN is supposed to make us take pre-emptive actions with unforseen consequences compared to the Soviet Union and Red China.

    Hey maybe Brazil will try to nuke us in 2073 but I don’t favor taking them out as a precaution!

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