Trump Creates New Political Bedfellows (Or Bedbugs)

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The “dreaded” Donald Trump has forced some unlikely partners to slip between the sheets together. After a seven-year, petulant boycott, President Barack Obama has rewarded the Fox News Channel’s sustained anti-Trump campaign by granting Chris Wallace an interview. Megyn Kelly’s efforts in the same department have earned her high praise from Hillary Clinton, who called Kelly “a superb journalist.” Just the other day, HuffPost and MSNBC, left-liberal outfits, converged in proposing a … Clinton-Kasich ticket:

Hillary Clinton should ask John Kasich, the Republican governor of Ohio, to join her in creating a “unity ticket.” It’s time for a national ticket that reflects our national desire for a new type of politics for our modern America.

Sounds like an ideal gathering for Terminix pest control.

In any case, here’s Wallace’s ‘Fox News Sunday’ interview with President Barack Obama. In it, “constitutional scholar” Obama continues to insist, apparently in error, on the Republicans’ constitutional obligation to go through the confirmation process with Justice Merrick Garland.

One suspects Obama might be gearing up for the equivalent of an executive order to fill the SCOTUS vacancy. It’s called a recess appointment, and we know enough about President Barack Obama to know he’ll use it to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by Antonin Scalia’s death, in the teeth of Republican opposition.