Trump Today (5/18): A Nod To Neocon Joe Lieberman & The Mythologizing Of Mueller

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POTUS had edged closer to picking Joe Lieberman, John McCain’s evil twin, to direct the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The old “I saw into his heart and it was good” balderdash. They bonded. Silly me. I had imagined that candidate Trump had “bonded” with the American people and would remember their wishes once THEY MADE HIM president.

Lieberman and America First: never the twain shall meet.

Lieberman is a neoconservative by any other name, committed to McCain’s national-greatness through perpetual war.

Next, Republicans are either seriously dumb or serious about wanting to end the Trump presidency and promise (although the two GOP facets are not mutually exclusive). They’ve joined the Democrats in mythologizing “former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel in charge of the FBI’s investigation into Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election,” a synonym for killing the Trump presidency. The president, or course, has done his fair share of that.

Ultimately Mueller is Deep State, he’s always been Managerial State material, heart and mind.

Mueller thinks like those unelected bureaucrats, intelligence officers and military men seeking to unelect Donald Trump think.