UPDATED: The Warbots, The FLOTUS & Other Terrifying Things

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The first lady’s share of this week’s WND column, “The Warbots, The FLOTUS & Other Terrifying Things,” comes under the heading “PIMP MY FLOTUS”:

“A world away from her husband’s dirty little war was the first lady’s ostentatious sojourn to Spain. I must say that the Marie Antoinette metaphor for Michelle did not do it for me. Despite the motorcades and the session with the Spanish monarchs at their Marivent Palace – the mental imagine that I got was made in America; it came from reality TV or MTV. Shades of the shows ‘Pimp my Ride’ and ‘Cribs’ came to mind. Coloring my imagination was a vivid, prior mental image of the ‘sedate’ soiree the first lady held for Mexican President Felipe Calderon, down to the disco ball and the half-nude, pelvis-grinding Beyonce. (Bibi Netanyahu was confined to the cellar.)

Still sillier were demands our patrician pundits made (at least one of whom has touted one-time porn star Kim Kardashian as a role model because she does not imbibe) for Mrs. Obama’s dollars to be spent stateside, so as to boost the American economy. Michelle Obama’s income comes from taxpayers. The first family doesn’t produce anything; it only consumes American wealth. Somewhere in the U.S., productive activities have already been suspended to fund the POTUS, the FLOTUS and their lavish lives. It matters not where the first family spends the loot. …

Read “The Warbots, The FLOTUS & Other Terrifying Things.”

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UPDATED: “BRING THEM HOME. BRING THEM HOME, NOW.” So says Vox Day, who perfectly captures the emotions evincied by women and children in this touching footage of “Troops Surprising Loved Ones”:

“There are few words sufficient to express the joy that one sees in the faces of the children and women in this video. But underlying that joy, one can also see an occasional glimpse of the stark terror of loss in which they have been living for months, if not years.”

3 thoughts on “UPDATED: The Warbots, The FLOTUS & Other Terrifying Things

  1. james huggins

    We will probably never see a day when all the troops finally come home, but we can continue to pray. Prayer is all we have as I seriously doubt that national leadership, ours and others, will ever reach the level of maturity and good judgement that such an eventuality would require.

  2. Robert Glisson

    Whoa, that ought to stir the ire of two thirds of the elite that read WND. Bad Eagle has an article that speculates that since the resort the First Lady attended is also known as a hangout for White Collar Criminals and Arab Princes and there is speculation that the First Lady is trying to copy the other Clinton’s First Lady, maybe there was more to the vacation than showing off the wealth. http://www.badeagle.com/page/2/. This Friday morning breakfast, our group discussed how bad this ‘Citizen soldier’ constant war is affecting our military and their families, ie destroying them. Many soldiers are constantly recycling between civilian jobs and military deployments. Their incomes are in constant flux and they have trouble meeting their obligations like house payments, school supplies, marriages and families disintegrate, homes are repossessed and Fanny isn’t there to help them. Republicans say they are for the family, then they send their best to die in a sand pit and give his wife a metal to take to the homeless shelter.

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