When Will Hussein Obama Condemn White Hot Hatred Of Whites?

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The banal, near-comatose brains at MSNBC have been calling for the usual “national conversation,” crafted by their ilk, naturally, about gun violence, the stymieing of research into gun violence (come again?!), Texas-style open carry, too many wars and military deployment—all said to have pushed tender soul Micah Xavier Johnson over the edge, causing him and his brothers to “shoot a dozen Dallas police officers, killing five” (7/7/016).

In the vernacular of liberalism (embraced by conservatives), evil is never committed, but only ever caused.

Can we, oh Delphic Oracles of stupidity and political tyranny, talk about the white hot hatred of whites and the West that appears to underpin this president’s words and actions and those of his lauded Black Lives matter movementarians? (See: “Dallas suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”)

Of course not. Move on, peons. Nothing here to see.
UPDATED: Facebook discussion.

I asked yesterday: