America’s New Sweetart

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@AnnCoulter has a few tart tweets about Amanda Knox’s exoneration.

The noxious Knox had been convicted of murdering her British roommate based on O.J.-like evidence, which was overturned after the American’s family and their PR machine invaded Italy.

• “Amanda Knox not guilty, Casey Anthony rolls eyes, says; ‘we’ll, duh…'”
• “Amanda Knox begins search for real killer.”
• “Former OJ jurors on Mediterranean cruise, Amanda Knox not guilty… coincidence?”

5 thoughts on “America’s New Sweetart

  1. Dennis

    Me thinks SHERLOCK HOLMES, HERCULE POIROT, and MISS MARPLE should be called-in on this case.

    In all seriousness, something doesn’t pass the smell test here. Could it be that the boyfriend did it and threatened Knox and the entire family if the real story was leaked, i.e. Knox was spared because she gave in whereas the other young girl did not???

    Just an hypothesis…

    [There goes that inability to accept evil, especially in a young, female, American dominatrix.]

  2. JB

    I believe the “real killer” has already been convicted and in jail. His name is Rudy Guede.

    [He is not the only killer.]

  3. Jack

    On a boring day at work I did a lot of googling about the Amanda Knox story and I can tell you that many have looked closely at the evidence and concluded that Ms. Knox is innocent. Ms. Coulter might be surprised to learn they weren’t all demonic liberals but my impression of her is that she probably considers anyone who disagrees with her to be a De-facto liberal. She probably believes Vinny’s nephew was really guilty.

    [Funny that, but I’ve been looking into this as well and I agree with Coulter; I wrote as much ages ago.]

  4. Jack

    [Funny that, but I’ve been looking into this as well and I agree with Coulter; I wrote as much ages ago.]

    Yes, I read your piece along with the others and found it very unconvincing. Just what is that youtube of the couple kissing supposed to prove any way? Show me one of them engaged in some kind of violent sex game as was alleged and I’ll change my opinion.

    [It’s hopeless; I wrote about the phenomenon that you represent in my coverage of the Casey Anthony case. Unless you see it on YouTube, you are unable to deduce anything from the mountain of evidence. Living in an Idiocracy means the death of the circumstantial case, which is most cases of murder.]

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