UPDATED: Black Power Take Over @ University of Missouri



The football team of the University of Missouri poses for the camera. The big, burly, black men lock arms in solidarity against the thing they call “oppression,” “racial turmoil” and “systemic oppression.”

Where? When? What kind? How Much? Who was hurt? Physically or just emotionally? About these questions the media don’t care. The footballers feel oppressed, therefore they are oppressed. No evidence other than a few “racially charged incidents” can be adduced for the black students’ idiotic claims of feeling unbearably endangered and excluded on campus.

A frightened white man, the chancellor, resigns. The University of Missouri system is handed a ransom document demanding nothing short of a black takeover of the campus. Among the demands:

“Tim Wolfe, UM system president, must acknowledge his white privilege, recognize that systems of oppression exits … admit his gross negligence …”

A day in the life of bitch-slapped America.

Ironically, these militant oafs likely knew little of their alleged endemic oppression until they took up Black Studies or some other bogus field of study offered by Mizzou, and designed to be politically and scholastically palliative. It had the opposite results.

The the progressive machine of the “UM system” is suffering poetic justice for the illiberal miseducation of these savages.

UPDATE (11/10): “University of Missouri: Academia’s Chickens Come Home to Roost” By Jack Kerwick.