British Government And Their ‘Racist’ Voter ID Laws



From the fact that “personation—pretending to be somebody else” for the purpose of voting in their stead—is not a serious problem is the UK, it doesn’t mean that voters should not be asked to identify themselves at the ballot box. What could be simpler and fairer than that?

More total white supremacy, via The Economist:

the government judges the threat to the democratic process sufficient to warrant a big change to electoral rules. On May 11th it announced that it will legislate to require in-person voters to show photo ID. This is trickier in Britain, which does not require people to carry ID cards, than in countries which do. Driving licences and passports will be acceptable; so will pensioners’ bus passes and the “blue badges” held by disabled people. Anyone without approved photo ID will be allowed to apply for a free card.

Such a change would not block many people from voting. Seven local authorities asked voters for various forms of identification in May 2019, after warning that they would be doing so. On average, 0.4% of would-be voters who were asked for ID failed to show it, were turned away, and did not return to the polling station. ….


*Image courtesy The Economist.

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